Everything you could possibly want to know about Warrants

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by New_WO1, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Have any US warrants had any problems with the Brits concerning our rank? They don't understand we're officers.

    Anyone else had the same problem?
  2. I get confused with all yank ranks. Are we supposed to Salute Warrant Officers then?

    Pictures of who to/not to salute would be handy.

    A confused stab.
  3. We're all officers, even the junior warrants and we're entitled to a salute.
  4. I will use the confusion as an excuse not to salute you if our paths ever cross.
  5. From the Department of Defence link i provided New_WO1 it would appear that you are NOT all entitled to a salute. Quote below.


  6. So you eat drink etc in the officers mess? and have officers married quarters? and who has signed your 'warrant'? what does it say on it? do you get one? and a commision at the same time?

    My warrant is signed by the UK Defence Minister, and if you can speak Olde Englishe, you can have a look at it sometime. BUT, I wasnt a commsioned officer, I used to work for living!!!

    *holding the rod high ready for the bites to come in*
  7. And so is the Chief Scout, from all the other Scouts, but you won't see me chucking one up for him either.
  8. right. not only am I not going to salute you but I'll punch you as well for being a cheeky cnut.
  9. Laird, you're going to have to stop doing that pal - I've just pebble dashed my monitor with my lunch.
  10. I presume that's based on the word 'officer' in Warrant Officer, in which case do you believe that Corporals and Sergeants are similarly entitled, their being Non Commissioned Officers?
  11. Can't understand why you've come on here and asked such a stupid question, all you're going to get is abuse.
  12. Can't think where you get that idea???
  13. You may get a salute from your septic tank sentry guards; flipping their wrists and waving at you (looking more like window lickers going mmllllaaaaaaaar, mmmlllllaaaaaaar in Brit opinion), but you are not entitled to a salute from any British soldier. They should address you as 'Sir' rather than the "Oi Yank! Fac orrf you up-tight cnut and take the broom handle out yer arrse!" that you may be more used to.

    Brits salute the Queen's Commission and not the Warrant. If you are that keen on collecting salutes you are obviously unworthy of the rank and ought to join the boy-scouts instead.
  14. Ah. Now I see what I'm doing wrong.
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