Everything Moving Around

Some forum juggling going on. It will cure a lot of the anomalies in how the forums are structured. Please bear with it and by tomorrow the site will be more logical, usable and faster.

If you've lost a thread, look in your profile (link top right) at your own posts.
I liked the move round some of the hidden forums were open for a while - including the bat cave.

Great hissy fit from 1 mod over a set of comments recently posted about him - bit like when my eldest nicks my youngests Buzz Lightyear, first names and all!


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Its always good for a laugh when the Bat Cave and other elements are inadvertently opened up for public viewing :)

Not that I would go where I was not supposed to of course.:cool:
Just proving that it's not always necessary to shag a mod before you can break in.
This sucks. Where is the option to have ALL the fora in one list from which it was possible to open tabs ? This might be logical, but it's less user friendly as it takes extra clicks to get to a thread in "Arms & Services" or "News". Seriously retrograde step.

OK, so there's the "quick nav" button down at the bottom...which sort of does this. But it's awkward. What's wrong with a simple single list up front ?
Don't forget to throw up a comment about how bad it is...then try and look around and see what does what, if you fill out the correct form you can be refunded up to 100 mouse clicks
We always knew that some people weren't going to be happy with the changes and that they were likely to be the ones we heard from first! Recently I've been accessing the site using less speedy connections (3G.....) and frankly it was a dog! By breaking the forums up into three major chunks we expect this to dramatically improve which can only benefit everyone.

I'm sure you've already noticed where you get the three big lists:

ARRSE Military

You should be able to use these as the start point for your tabbing extravaganza!

We also hope that the changes will mean people explore the further reaches of the site and that many of the smaller boards get better used.
We also hope that the changes will mean people explore the further reaches of the site and that many of the smaller boards get better used.
Do you mean THE_SNAILS Lonely hearts columns??????
Just to be odd and different I like it..........

Now can I have my refund please C_C?



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From the Twitter section:

ARRSE HQ very disappointed that recent site changes have failed to unleash usual barrage of criticism!
It may be of course that some people are still trying to find their way around the site and have not worked out how to get to this Forum to leave their little love notes.:wink:

Personally I find it nice and easy to get round and it wont take long to remember which column holds what. Mind you, once I have that sussed, no doubt it will change!!! :omfg:

How about leaving Arrse alone for a bit and go and annoy the Fishheads by changing their site to the same as Arrse?:cuddle:
Hmmmmm. Not finding it faster - in fact it keeps jammimg IE. Some amazon ad that takes forever to download ?

....and I'm confused about where evrything is :-(
Well spotted. Sorry about that - it's the usual situation of Firefox and Chrome showing pages near instantly and IE causing trouble. I'd put the ad on but not gone back to IE to check it.

I assure you that the site is much faster.

As for where everything is - try and look at it from the point of view of someone who doesn't know all the quirks of the old site and would need to scroll through that huge list to find anything. I don't think there can be much doubt that it is now easier to browse around, at least for the newcomer and I'm certainly finding it a lot kinder on my right index finger. Time and usage statistics will tell.

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