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Interesting article from across the pond. Striking just how many similarities there are to arguments over here. Some phrases that in it that could have been lifted from a thread here:

"What you get for that money nowadays is a well-trained and hard-working force, in stark contrast to the traditional and not entirely unjustified disdain for “weekend warriors” of years past"

"For some Reserve and Guard troops, 39 days a year is all the training they need. They can roll right into their military jobs because their civilian ones are so similar. If you’re a civilian surgeon, pilot, mechanic, or computer network administrator, for example, it’s an easy transition to a military hospital, airbase, motor pool, or command center. ... But there is no civilian equivalent for a tank gunner, artilleryman, or infantry soldier – and such combat troops require not only individual training, but expensive field exercises to practice working in large units."

Had to chuckle at the protagonists' inability or unwillingness to agree what the relative costs of having Reserve / National Guard vs Active soldier, either over their total service period, or when mobilised - plenty of agendas to be served. Looks like they're just about to enter into the 'what do we want our Reserve to actually do?' as we finalise the thinking here.
Interestingly about 3 weeks ago had time to talk to my old Bn HHC commander from 2004 who now is the G-3. The Infantry bn's are now at about 97% combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and at around 113% strength with volunteers being sent to other units.

Anyhow we talked about how the Mob process went from Active duty 6 month train up and then deploy for 12 months to 2 weeks active duty trainup 2 weeks of new gear and ranges and deploy for 9months. the extra time for training up is no longer on AD but extra Annual camps.

For instance 27th bde went to Ft.Drum for 3 weeks in June then another 3 weeks in October and 2 weeks in November-December before going on Active duty to Ft. Bragg for a Month then deployed to Afghanistan in 2007.

Now under the setup they are alerted 2 years out for a deployment mission and train accordingly. Even regular drill weekends are geared towards patrolling and MOUT, with few home station drills. The unit just had their entire weapons fit replaced with new M4's, M240's, M110's, etc.

Merging the guard and reserve would be horrible though. First off the reserve has no combat arms units, its all CS/CSS units and the Guard is complete Divisions and BCT's already. Guard deploys as cohesive units, Reserves deploy as individual replacements and from what I've seen have horrible attitudes about deploying.
.... Guard deploys as cohesive units, Reserves deploy as individual replacements and from what I've seen have horrible attitudes about deploying.
Not necessarily true. I was working with US PSYOP Coys that had gone to Afghanistan en masse, and several of the CSS Bns in the AO were formed AR units too.


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