Every Song Released during the Vietnam War

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bumper, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. With apologies, I meant to post this on Memorial Day for those who were there, even those who think they were there, those who wish they had been there but most of all, for those who are still there.


  2. Great find - thank you. I was a kid when VN was going on so I know a lot of these songs.

    (If you want to save them, right click on a song and 'Save link as...' then import the saved file into iTunes).
  3. thx - thats useful!
  4. Slightly "picky" but was Bruce S's "Born in the USA" released that long ago? I thought it was mid 80s?
  5. Or alternatively Right click and download all with a torrent engine :D

    Paul Hardcastle - 19 I don't think that was released during the conflict either!!!! :?
  6. Look.... I don't do pop music. My idea of a good concert is going to Horse Guards for the Troop and my heart really only lifts when I hear something that begins with, "The Massed Pipes and Drums......" Haven't got a clue if it's accurate or not but think it's a clever little list and a modest gesture to the Shermans.
  7. No one is suggesting you're at fault here Bumper!!! :)
    Just the stupid knacker that did the list in the first place 8O
  8. Cheers Bumper, much appreciated.
  9. Now THAT sounds like a plan. Where would one obtain such an engine?
  10. The list doesn't seem to include "Flowers in the Rain", a song released in 1967 by 'The Move', a popular Beat combo at the time.
  11. Who did quite well in the hit parade of the time :D

    Thanks for the link Bumper some great songs on there
  12. Google "torrent engine" :D I personally use Vuze but there are plenty of others.
  13. Bought the original album,1980,PX,Clayalle,Berlin.