Everton to be known as Kirkby FC???

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Yes_Sir!, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Everton chief executive Keith Wyness claims "the deal of the century" is in place for a new stadium in Kirkby.

    A ballot is to be conducted among around 33,000 Everton fans to decide on the stadium, which could open by 2010.

    Full story here.

    Deal or no deal??

    There was always one football club in Liverpool!!!!!!!
  2. I think the city of Liverpool should build one big stadium and then Everton and Liverpool could share?
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You should share with Millwall then!
  4. **** off - They can destroy a ground in 30 mins flat. I would be quite happy to see Craven Cottage bulldozed and our poor neighbours use the bridge though
  5. Anyone who thinks that the Everton board will stop the deal if the fans vote against it are living in a dream world. Football is all about money and the people who own it will do what tyey like irrespective of what the people who support it want.you only have to look at where Bolton Wanders wandered to at Horwich.

  6. Yeah we were there first n*b head!

    Kirkby FC my arrse.
  7. Well thats not going to happen now is it.

    Just like the city of London built Wembley. Would you ground share?

  8. My Bold.

    So first St Domingo's FC, then Everton now Kirkby FC.

    If you were there first in Stanley road why not call yourselves Liverpool FC

    Just a thought!!!!!!
  9. As the team grew and established a reputation from outside the parish of St Domingos they had to change the name, the meeting was held in 1879 in the Queens Head Hotel just off Everton Road.
    And so it begun.
    If you know your history.
  10. Because they didnt want to be associated with shell suits, big perms and dodgy goaty's?
  11. Keep it in the city grounds. Dont build a Tesco of Lights stadium. You will not magic up 20,000 more supporters by simply building the stadia-look at Italy or even Wem-ber-lee. Watching live football is on its arse and too expensive. The Sky/Setanta deal pays for EVERY ground in the Premiership to be filled to capacity every week free of charge, the fans are background noise and an annoyance. A club has to police them, clean up after them, steward them. To most club Execs they're a pain in the hole and about 14th on the list of people to give a toss about. But they are the sine quae non of football. If you look at Boro, Blackburn Villa already they're half empty. At what point do fans just go 'I'm the only mug left, I've supported man and boy for 20 years but I'm not having this' and just vote with their feet? Goodison on a capacity night game is an intimidating place as a lot of clubs will testify. Where would Pompey be without their fans, who have at times literally sucked the ball into the net for their lads and cowed the oppo eg Man U

    Wind yer neck in Wyness. This is'nt the deal of the century, its a hasty snatched-at mess. Focus on building a team thats good enough for europe every year. Fill Goodison week in/out. When its bursting and the waiting list is 5-10 years work smart. Get some proper juice on Liverpool city council. Wait for The Redsh*te to move into their stadium (if they have'nt gone bankrupt because theose pesky Septics have been busted by the SEC/found some new toy) Reclaim ****-field for a season or two and re-develop Goodison. There is a huge footprint for the ground and the area itself could use the re-development. Preferably with MLRS. Clubs are organic entities, more easily destroyed than created. And if that clown Wyness thinks coming up with the Leeds plan 'spend spend spend, bugger the consequences coupled with Waynes World 2 optimism he is a liablity and he should be sold in the pies.

    Which, by the way, we at Eveton sell more of at our ground than any other club.
  12. I'm definitely not a fan of the Kirkby move. It would be just like turning around to the kopites and giving them the city.

    The thing is we're not going to be able to attract anyone to the ground, wherever it is, unless we make some decent signings.

    Apparantly the swiss captain (Vogle) might be joining us on a free so that will mean that our total spend so far will be £4m.

    What's going on? Even Sunderland have spent more and who are they?
  13. You might as well. No fecker outside Merseyside knows that you reside here as well.

    Will you now become the Kirkby peoples club? Or to avoid all hint of moving out of the area why not just the Blue Bitters?

    Just a thought :twisted:
  14. remember kopites that everton played at anfield first we were the first club in the city but history isnt a strong point with them
    ps if you want a laugh click on the link at the bottom of the page

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