Everest Sir?

Ok I'll get me ladders and a woolie. :lol:
Why not ask the RAF to give a hand....... errrrm 8O on second thoughts no better not don't wanna crash into the mountain or end up in china.
or is it a plan to get rid of the revoluntiaries in nepal making it safe for
over wieght tourists and bloody gap year backpackers :lol:
Surely the exped is going to be made up of the usual characters:

1. Those few members of the RAF who are able to walk more than 100m without collapsing.

2. Those frightening female sailors who seem to get in all those chummy triservice piccys.

3. The usual semi-civi adventurous training bods.

4. A few freaks from the PT Corps. "And that's the last man at the top. Too slow, do it again."

5. That one bloke in the RLC who has done all the courses from Paragliding through to Underwater Knife Fighting.

Not present: Anybody from the Field Army who actually does any work.

Bitter? Not at all.

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