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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by treborre, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. I have recently been made redundant and during my searches of the web I came across a job advert as a salesman for Everest (Home Improvements - not the mountain). Is there any one on here who is/was a salesman for them? I am after any information I can get, as the job is commission only (20% of each sale so I've been told). What are the pitfalls/advantages of this type of career? Any advice is appreciated before I decide to jump in. I don't want to be a few months down the line in a job that doesn't suit me or be unable to pay the bills and mortgage!
  2. How much is it going for? It's a massive mountain!

    If I bought it, could I move it?

    What happens once you've sold it? There's only one. Or will you move onto something like "K2 salesman"?
  3. True. But "The Shamen" managed to get it squared away back in the early 90s
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  4. On a serious note, "20% of sales" is that 20% of turnover or profit, be very careful what you sign yourself up for. Also remember you won't get much work done during Public Holidays and the like, there are no paid holidays. You have to be bloody good when you are working to cover for all the "down time".
  5. I haven't done this but a mate of mine did after leaving the Army. He found it very hard. He had to find his own appointments, which meant either cold calling on the phone or knocking on doors. He lasted about two months then sacked it after only making a couple of sales.

    I would ask them the following questions.

    Do they provide leads? What area will you work? Is there any claw back of commission if the sale falls through? Are you employed/selfemployed. How long do you have to wait to recieve your commission onces the sale has completed?

    Also in this time of doom and gloom a lot of people aren't spending on items such as this. Having said all that if you do decide to go with it I wish you good luck.
  6. If you like targeting the weak, gullible and naive of society, and can sleep well after selling Mr & Mrs OAP a standard window for the price of a small car, go ahead. Most people dont realise how bad these windows are (especially the timber windows) and are not aware that they will get a better deal at a local Joinery. Everest also fit the windows exceptionally badly, the main ingredient being 10 tubes of silicon per window. The wages earnt reflect this.

    Safe-style, Anglia and Everest only employ the most "aggressive" Salespeople. They need such in order to sell their inferior goods.

    Caveat emptor.
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    If you want to work in sales, then Aldi are currently advertising for Store Managers (£32k plus bonus), Assistant Store Managers (c£22K plus bonus) and various other grades of assistant from minimum wage to whatever.

    You'd probably have to move to suit them. But it'd be more secure than doing door to door for a double glazing company.

    Aldi Store Careers | Application Form (c) Aldi. No I don't work for them.
  8. PM imbound!

  9. Cheers Stilts! Check yours for a question.
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Commission only jobs are generally commission only for a reason - that its very difficult to sell the product. It means that the company is not willing to pay a salary because for the majority of its sales staff, the cost of employing them would outweigh the income generated by that salesman.

    My brother in law had a job selling vacuum cleaners commission only. Not a bad vacuum cleaner, but about 50% over priced. The company knew that - and provided a high pressure sales script. Basically you rang around until you got a lead, then went along to give a demo. Once in, you virtually refused to leave unless you got a sale. It meant browbeating pensioners, insecure housewives, etc. He left after a couple of months because it was near impossible to make money without pressuring the vulnerable.

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  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Wordsmith speaks the truth - if it's comission only you're probably going to be working for some absolute shits and I would guarantee you they will screw you over for any money they ever do end up owing you.

    Avoid like the plague. Where are you located and what sort of experience or work are you looking for?
  12. Agreed with the two above. Only two types of people work 'commission only' and they both start with 'S' - Spivs and Schmucks - don't be either, you owe it to yourself!
  13. Would you like to buy a couple of aircraft carriers, several Astute subs and some F-35s? Lunch at my Club? The Tufty.

  14. I worked in sales after leaving the army. Sales can be a very good career; but only if you get in with the right crowd. I managed to blag myself into a job as a rep with Ranks Hovis. The difference being; it went with a very good basic, bonus scheme, annual leave entitlement, expenses, company car with free petrol etc. Unfortunately those days are long gone, and the only sales type jobs are the high pressure, commission only type jobs. Ask yourself this question. In these financially straitened times, why do you think these jobs are advertised? Because they are utter dogshite. Do yourself a favour and avoid like the plague mate. I do have experience of this field, albeit many years ago. Best of luck in whatever you do.
  15. I'd love to do lunch and discuss your interesting offer but frirst I have to do Helena Bonham Carter and she's a little tied up at the moment... :-D