Everest Climb by one of our own!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Ralf, Apr 20, 2010.

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  1. Even though it is for a good cause, I disapprove of this sort of "been there, got the t-shirt" Everest summiting by novice-climbers who are dragged up by a team of sherpas. It devalues the achievement for committed climbers who have built up their experience by progressing through increasingly difficult climbs before taking on Everest with their own skills and ability.

    Doing it their way is a bit like buying an Army flying badge on ebay and posing around with it.
  2. You make this sound like a bad thing...
  3. Feel free to give it a whirl if its easy!
  4. Well seen as the Major nearly lost his life in Iraq when he was shot in the arm and chest whilst piloting a helicopter, I for one think he deserves the right to try and wish him all the best
  5. I will be donating some of my easily earned shekels and wish them both the best of luck.
  6. So what? I've been doing that for 20 years.

    Echo CAARPs post, Keith got vittled up a few years back and Everest aint exactly a day trip up Snowdon. Have you climbed Everest?
  7. It's a special kind of snobbery when the 'elite' climb a remote mountain somewhere and then spend years complaining at how it should then be left alone and not climbed by others :?

    Josh Lewseys blog makes for a good read, hope they both make it down OK, they reckon about 150 frozen bodies are still up there from the 300 or so who bought the farm whilst attempting it.

    Tropper will be along any minute with some photos :D
  8. From the website: "This is a non-guided professionally led expedition for 'experienced mountaineers' who want to work as part of a team to tackle the original Mallory and Irvine route from the 'Rongbuk glacier'."

    A lot more than I'd be prepared to tackle. I'm a "novice climber" who lived on Kilimanjaro for many years and never went beyond the hotel bar at Marangu. Many pillocks went upwards from there but Everest is a very different matter, I'm certain.
  9. No, but I have climbed Denali, and did it properly. You won't know where Denali is obviously, but no doubt you will look it up in google and claim it is an easy mountain. But it isn't - if you had done any mountaineering you will know it is not.

    By the way, just getting shot doesn't mean you have a life-long exemption from criticism.

    Good luck to the Major, but my shilling will be going to other H4H causes - ones that involve more personal sacrifice and less personal glorification.
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Ironicly, the person who has belittled this effort by gobbing off about "novices" and "ebay badges" hasn't actually joined the regular army.
  11. Just no would have done.

    The rest is just a conversation with yourself as no-one gives a shit
  12. Denali isn't an easy climb, that doesn't mean you should belittle anyone that does an equally arduous climb, or are you just upset that someone is getting a bit of attention and you didn't when you climbed?

    How much more sacrifice do you want from fundraisers?? And I personally think that few fundraisers do it for purely altruistic reasons so the personal gratification is there whatever the challenge.

    You seem to be a rather bitter human.
  13. No it doesn’t. If that criticism is justified and not just a surly green eyed rant :roll:

    But neither does getting shot getting fit again, deploying to Afghanistan, and then putting yourself out to go and do something that will hopefully earn a bit of money for a worthy cause deserve such criticism.

    If that means using a famous name to pull in the sheckles well then so be it