"Everbody Hates You"

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by chiefwiggum, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. :?: Why does everybody hate Gunners ?
  2. weapon envy? :lol:
  3. Because we got Thiery Henry and Patrick Vieria (unless that Russian twat at Chealski bumps his offer up) :lol:
  4. Tendancy to drop short?

    BB - Never mind the length, feel the width! :wink:
  5. Because we are like the Inf and the Cav in that we get to run about near the action / in the thick of it. But we don't spend a huge amount of time worrying about which battalion will be chopped next / why the Paras get all the work (Inf) or whether the AAC will take our role away / Hackett will stop making red jeans (Cav). As for the rest, put them in the SPTA bombard OP for a real 'look at life'!! :D 8)
  6. Dropshorts............questioned answered? It's bad enough looking for the enemy ahead when we are dropped on by our own!!
  7. REF : Everyone hates you.

    Gods of war ring a bell ?

    end of WW2 there were 247 ROYAL regiments how many of you "other" corps can say that ?.

    UBIQUE gentlemen ,UBIQUE !

    X X X X X X
  8. Still a bunch of frock wearing jessies though!
  9. we may wear frocks but its better than being trailer trash :p
  10. If I may misquote General Montgomery:

    "The longer the war, the harder the fighting the more the commander comes to rely on the Artillery"

    I think that says it all. But don't forget that we need the infantry to keep the dirty enemy away from our nice guns.
  11. Artillery, forget the nickname Dropshorts, in GW1 the regiment I was posted to, and all the others out there proved their nickname to be
    "LONG RANGE SNIPERS" and bl@@dy good ones as well.

    WW2. When the German artillery fires, the Allies duck, when the British artillery fires, the germans duck, when the American artillery fire,
  12. though in the falklands on a live fire fire ex the 105mm started dropping rounds bit to close for mortars forcing them to flee in a bv206 worlds slowest getaway :roll:
  13. :twisted: everyones jealous cause we've got more killing power with fewer rounds which gives us a bigger tally at the end of the day.

    Inf pick up my brass and sweep the posn's we've trashed. seems to me that no one moves on a battle field without gunner time in their pocket, and when the s**t hits the fan the OSG (mostly the gunners) get all the work.

    looks like no one wants to get up close and personal with the EN unless the gunners have pounded it first, probably why we have a large target numbering system eh!!. well that my experience from GW2 "OP Telic the second coming"

    OSG you yell at it we SHELL at it..........
  14. Friend of mine in the Infantry married a RA Captain. One mess night, his missus blagged him into admitting that his best friend really was a gunner!

    His street cred was zero-rated thereafter.
  15. What do you mean ww2? Just change the opposition around a bit and we have GW2.