Ever wished you had gone reg?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pluvia_Plumbum, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. I have not long hung up my boots after almost 20yrs TA service. Had a great time mostly, but can't help wondering If I wouldn't have done better going Regular after Uni.

    Looked at at the career path back then and eventually chose Industry, but after a couple of redundancy shocks. Crap employers and iffy pension schemes. I'm sat here wondering if I made the right choice?

    Did my last few years in recruiting and always encouraged youngsters to join the TA by all means but to also consider the Regs as a career if they had a liking for it. I know the grass isn't always greener, but a pension and the prospect of a second career after 22yrs looks pretty good to me.
    or is the TA really the Best of both worlds ---- Discuss :

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  2. My brother recently left school, I advised him to join RSigs as an IS Eng. So I guess thats what I'd have done but I'd have hope to get my degree (in a different subject) while serving or left after a few years and then gone to uni.
  3. This is a decision I face at the moment. I am trying to get fit for the TA and just wondering if I should go Regular.

    The company I work for is quite small so I do lots of different things, if I was mobilised they would not be able to continue without replacing me. They are really good to me and also I have been friends with the owners since I was very young, so I would hate to put them out. I know my job would be protected but it would be a major problem for them.

    If I went regular I could train a replacement and leave fully, but I am unsure if I want to commit to regular. When I was younger I tried ATC and never got on with it, but I am older and wiser (maybe) now.

    I am a long way from being fighting fit so I have some time to think it over.
  4. I have just turned 27 and after 9 years in civvy street i have come to the conclusion that its bollocks also!

    So of i went to the careers only to be told that because i have a loan and credit card and my out goings are more that 200 quid no chance.

    So i am going TA for a while, worst comes to the worst i will be 30 when the loan ends if i dont pay it off before so i could hopefully still do regs and 3 years with the TA.
  5. I'd love to go regular.

    I've been telling myself for about a year now that I'll sign up as soon as I get my fitness levels up, but have never bothered to stick to any training regimes I set myself. I'll probably be doing this for years and then realise I'm too old to join at some point.

    How fcuking pathetic am I?

  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Would have loved to, but life and family got in the way. The years slipped by and before I knew it, it was too late (upper age limit back then was 25). Resigned myself to never having been a soldier and never gave the TA a thought as it struck me as a bit like Cadets for grown-ups who never actually did any "real soldiering". It was the mid-1990's and I think my perceptions then were typical of many my age.

    It was only 9/11 with the subsequant conflict in Afghanistan (and mobilising of TA) combined with cash-flow 'issues' and the realisation that at 31 it was now or never, that made me take the leap into Stab-life.

    Have loved my time so far as a TA soldier. Very proud to have served my country in Iraq, having got through what was a pretty tough tour at times and looking forward to a tour in Afghanistan some time soon. But still ... I wish I had done a few years as a Regular as a young'un. Not as a career, but just for the experience.
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  8. I don't know if it's pathetic or not - I'd like to think not, as I've been there. I'm too old now despite the raised age limit, and I earn more than a tom, so couldn't pay the mortgage and feed the family if I went for it now.

    So yes, I wish I'd gone reg, when I was 18, and had as much of a career as I wanted. But if I was 18 now? Maybe not, under the current regime.
  9. No - absolutely not.

    I might end up like some of the nutters on here :omfg: :D
  10. So if you owe any money in the form of say a student loan and credit cards you can't join the regulars?

    Why :?

    If thats a fact then recruiting must really be worse off than I realised. Most people I know who are of recruitable age are up to their ears in debt.
  11. Ever wished I had gone reg? Every time I have a scrap with Mrs Evil!

    The life of the warrior monk becomes strangely appealing.
  12. I've been a reg (see my earlier post). After being discharged with an injury and having grumbled and moaned a lot I am now finally settled as a civvy.
    A year or so after my forced end of a regular carreer I enlisted as a reservist and I must say that I really enjoy it.

    When your a regular the army is your job. It gets into the same rythm as your covvy job. Most days are just work days.
    When a deployment or a large exercise comes up things become fun and you feel the energy going through your unit. But in between thos times it is very similar to a deskjob at some company in some provincial town. Especially when your a SNCO or an ossifer.

    Being a reservist to me is more fun that being a reg ever was! Still I wouldn't have missed it, even considering how it ended for me!

  13. Yep! if your out goings are more than 250 per month then u cant sign up.

    i have heard lots of reasons for this!!
  14. I must admit that there are times when the Regs do seem appealing. These tend to fall into the four categories of

    a) sickening amounts of disposable income,
    b) THE Pension,
    c) more opportunites to get shiny medals.
    d) structured career progression and training stuff

    While the fourth point is on the increase, these are generally outweighed by the downsides of being in the Regs compared to my 'normal' life. Looking back, I think that I made the right decision to do a bit of both worlds.

    That pension is fucking good though, and I do look fine in my Ginger Marching suit, so more medals would be a winner.
  15. Student loans don't count because the repayments are related to your earnings.
    Just in case anybody fancies a nudge there are plenty of older recruits joining up at the moment. I sign this week and was surprised to find others older than me (28) going through the process along side me. Its not too late...