Ever wanted to toss a Dwarf? Sign up now!

The later developments to a previous thread got me think about how to amuse myself and I've come up with a stone bonkers plan. I am going to start a dwarf throwing club in Herts. All I need are about 10 volunteer dwarfs to start with and some members. So who wants to sign up. I've done some research into this fantastic sport as you can see below. Members may use the link below to train until such times as we have enough of the little people to toss around. I will need some assistance from the Arrse membership to get things going. I can see riches and fame coming my way. The following positions with in the club are open:

1. Logistics and Supplies Exec - In charge of obtaining dwarfs, safety equipment, transport and dwarf maintainer. One of your first functions is to design a dwarf bag for members of the team to carry their dwarfs around in. Things that small, in my experience tend to get lost easily. You are to work with the PR Exec in order to have the club logo put on the bags.

2. PR Exec - In charge of publicity. You will also need to produce a Company logo and advertise the competitions.

3. Nurse/Medic - To look after the little people's health needs as they will obviously be tossed around

4. Dwarf Trainer and Security Exec - This position involves teaching those little sods complicated aerobatic and landing skills to ensure our club becomes the best. You should consider removing their limbs to make them more aerodynamic.

Here are the Dwarf Throwing Rules


An the link to the training program


Anyone interested in joining should post here with any suggestions and/or reason to fill the aforementioned positions.

If the club goes bust we can start a dwarf petting zoo in central London or sell them to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory to make Super Fudge Packing Dwarf Delight Chocolate bars. There is no way we will loose money on this one!

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