ever wanted to requip your unit with 1958 webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brighton hippy, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Nope but i do like the idea of this 72 Pattern Webbing, Just a 58 in Nylon. The 58 is not bad but its one of them things im 'off n on' with. I do like the 44 Pattern though, Suppose some armies still using old 37s.

    Who else uses the 58 Webbing?, Up to now, I have seen images of the Irish Defence Forces using 58's with 95ish combats.

    Ireland do use some outdated stuff, Like the 25 Pndr Guns, Old 58 Webbing, .303 Brens.
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    They also seem to do PLCE in US tri-desert colour.

    So are they making the stuff or selling on?
  3. Ooh, sudden rush of nostalgia.

    I'd forgotten the bits on the side of the ammo pouches (despite having about 3 sets of 58 up in the loft somewhere with my puttees and hairy shirts). The loops to hold the bayonet are obvious on the left pouch but can anyone remember the correct use for the little pouch on the side of the right ammo pouch?*

    *Rolo storage is not the correct answer.
  4. Schmuley pouch surely? Although we tended to use it for the BFA (and when we weren't playing bang-bang, my KFS sat there quite nicely).
  5. Energa, of course Or Puritabs in my case.
    Webbing, puritabs, hairy shirts, DMS and puttees ready to go, if HM ever has need of my services :D :D :D
  6. I think it was actually for the BFA!
  7. Also very handy for putting either your KFS or mini Maglite in.
  8. The pouch was for the fitment that allowed you to fire an Energa Grenade.

    Grenade Launchers

    DoE senior used them back in the 60's. They had a hell of a kick even when fired with the butt on the ground.

  9. or pegs for the poncho

    but don't forget how crap the 58 webbing was -

    shrank when wet

    weighed twice as much when wet

    kidney pouches never stayed closed

    ammo pouches too big

    water bottle pouch too tight

    bum role too awkward to do up

    pick/shovel dug into your back on tabs if you had a GS bergan

    Large pack not large at all - and a c~nt to put on!

    The only good bit was the Rezzi case
  10. You mean there is older stuff than green PLCE. I really am a Crow!
  11. site was a link to vast range of chinese manfacturers /wholesalers no weapons but night vison armoured cars and body armour and company prepared to make stuff to your own spec.
    gordons plans for new uniforms spring to mind :(
  12. There was a stand-up comedian who did a skit on the energa. ISTR a line about the hazards of firing it at short range — something about the stabilising fins "flying back and making chips of yer".
  13. "napsack"????

    why have i got visions of a young lad on a station, whistling with a 58 pattern kidney pouch on a long stick on his shoulder!!
  14. 25 Pndrs used for ceremonials and by reserve artillery
    .303 still in stores for reserves...as is 58 webbing :roll:

    edit: C95 wet gear was on issue to regulars before Irish DPM wet gear arrived.