Ever Pulled Your Intercostal Chest Muscle??

NHS Direct suspect ive pulled my intercostal muscle in my chest. It is the one that connects your ribcage I believe. Docs tommorow where I suspect it will be confirmed. Im told it takes ages to heal, and can forget training for a while.

Have you exprecienced this, and how long did take to heal?

Im falling apart bit by bit lataly.
Yes. F***ing hurts. Took about 3 months to heal while continuing all normal activities in an infantry battalion.
My daughter was at the Doc's last week with the same problem. She has pulled the muscle coughing during a recent bout of flu. She was the second patient of the day, the first had fractured a rib during a coughing fit.

Doc advised regular paracetamol and brufen and to try to rest it (difficult while still breathing). It is starting to ease off now, 6 days later.

Definately worth a trip to the Doc to rule out fracture though.

Cryptotermes said:
A decent game of Mess-rugby will generally result in this type of injury.

Think yourself lucky, look what happens to the cabbage :D
As it happens, that's how mine got screwed! Happened in a game after the biblical jump onto Sardinia in the 90's
I ripped my mates off his sternum while sparring at tae kwon do one night, he was in agony and his breathing sounded like he had lost a lung, this was obv due to no intercostal assistance in breathing. Took him about 2 months to get back to normal and cost me lots of beers as of an apology!! He said brufen and beer took the pain away atreat but added caution that it tranquilised him so much he had started swamping the bed most nights :)

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