Ever present threat?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Looking at the aerial photos of Rome and pope botherers in ths streets.
    Where were Al Queda? We are told they are a clear and ever present danger. Surely they didn't miss on this one or is the threat level kept high for personal professional reasons?
  2. I expect they didn't know it was going on. I mean, there's been hardly a peep out of the press.
  3. its one of the Vaticans best kept secrets!!
  4. Not a big a secret as the old water to wine one. Someone in there must know it.
  5. Why d'you think they carried him round in a chair?

    The old ones are the best! :D
  6. Sticky, it all makes sense. For the last few months he could even speak. Sounds familiar.
  7. He had decided to tell the world so they bumped him off. Why do you think they kept grabbing the microphone off him?
  8. Shame, I had produced 5,000 labels of Chateau Neuf de Adjt and had filled the bath. Tight git for not spreading the love.

    What other secrets do you think they keep. Now we know about the water/ wine and I'm sure we've all read about the Da Vinci Code, but what else. Any suggestions. And don't bother with that utter nonsense about preists botting little boys, we all know that would never happen.
  9. At least 5000 tickets for the Dublin international are reserved exclusively for priests...don't believe me? Walk into the Green Blazer at 2030 hours on match day, there always seem to be 5000 priests in there by then. Of course I could be mishtaken, I'm often tired and emotional that early on in the weekend...
  10. If you looked at the VIPs area you would have seen many Islamic leaders present. It would have been the ultimate own goal should they have tried anything.
  11. Don't think they would have minded too much if Human Shield Kharzai took one between the eyes. Bit of wailing and breast beating about the others perhaps....
  12. Don't be fooled, security was tighter than a camel's arse in a sandstorm. The physical area to be protected was relatively small. The Secret Service detail that makes up Bush's bubble could have provided sufficient protection by itself. (They need a C-5 Galaxy to fly ahead of Air Force One with all their kit.) The other leaders had their own details and the Swiss guards at the Vatican are old hands at this stuff. Add USAF CAP from Aviano, the Italian Air Force and NATO E-3s and you have a pretty tight perimeter.

    On the other hand, you would thing the bastards might have dreamt up a plan to take advantage of such an eventuality. It's not as if his death was unforeseen. I'd imagine though that any al Qaeda sleeper cell in Rome would have been exposed to that peculiar virus endemic to Italy which makes organising anything more elaborate than dinner for two an impossibility for any carrier. (Porton Down is currently testing a new strain on members of the Defense Procurement Agency.)

    Would be interesting to find out if they did catch anyone trying it on...
  13. Surely anyone employed by the DPA has so many antibodies to the virus that any research will be compromised? The DPA has no word to convey the urgency in the Spanish "manana" or the Arabic "bukrah"...like the Zulus they also have no word for sorry!!