Ever noticed how blanket stackers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. have everything whilst remaining perfectly sure no one else has an entitlement to anything?

    I am a unit medic and requested some med kit, the reply was "why do you want it?" needless to say over a year later I still have no med kit even the CMT handbook remains out of reach. Meethinks the I might need med kit to fix the damage someone might just do to the SQMS face someday.

    Our unit holds watches in the QM's dept but it seems no one, not the CO nor the OC's, SSM's are entitled to one, they remain the elxclusive reserve of the SQMS staff each of whom has one. Even a watchstrap is out of the question for those who have their own watches.

    Same too goes for the humble Silva Compass, the QM's who never travel more than arms distance from whatever comforts they can withold from everyone else, need to find their way to the brew room and therefore need a compass but no one else can have one because in that immortal phase "Yer ain't entitled"

    Imagine the whole MOD supply chain established and maintained simply so that QM staff can live in comfort.

  2. My former sqn spent 6 1/2 months on HERRICK without any oil for our weapons except that which we could scrounge elsewhere. When challenged the SQMS replied, "It's not my ******* job". Not that he was censured for it. Still boils my piss now.

  3. as we all know, Stores are for storing, otherwise it would be called "Issues" ;)
  4. Normally followed by a quick "Now **** off!"

    I've met a few good blanket stackers, normally people who have done other trades first, so realise how ball achingly annoying it is to be sent away from the stores empty handed.

    Others though are utter cock ends.
  5. I can still remember wanting to change a wooly pully many years ago, only to be told by the duty stacker that I could only get a new one on the orders of an officer. Back I trotted to see my Boss, who obligingly called me to attention and gave me a direct order to change the wooly pully. Back at stores I informed Cpl Jobsworth of said order and added that he could call my Boss on ext 1234 to check. He just gave me the pully. Why make life difficult when with a bit more effort----.

    Having said that at MPA I met loads of suppliers who were very flexible in their approach to requests for supplies. Perhaps the title of their sqn bar "Shadies" gave the game away.
  6. Simply put, if you genuinly need it, then put pen to paper & make it official
  7. When I was in the mob, back in nineteen hundred and frozen to death, I always found it much easier, on inspections and equipment checks, to produce a folder of current 1033's for said equipment on charge rather than the equipment itself. Empty stores are so much easier to manage.
    Hence watches, compasses etc and anything valuable or starred was better off in somebody elses care than mine...lol
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I recall a CQMS who would issue everything in the store, even the avon redcrest recce boat so he didnt have anything other than signatures to show. nice bloke!
  9. Who's job is it then, waster
  10. Try going back to the stores with a yellow handbag of beer in your mit. it used to work for me every time.
  11. Yeah but the form to demand the correct form for requests is only held by the QM and he won't issue it.
  12. There seems to be some confusion over the term 'Blanket Stacker'

    If we're talking about sub-unit SQMS department losers, then I suspect that the majority are arrse-wipe tradesmen who found real work too hard and think life in the SQMS department oiling shovels is the way to go. These are generally complete pricks and I agree that they think that the stock is their own personal property, and that the SQMS who said of obtaining weapon oil "It's not my ******* job" serioulsy needed a good kick-in.

    However, if we're talking about RAOC/RLC professional :)wink:) blanket Stackers, then that's a completely different kettle of Fish.
    I, Personally, would give away anything to anyone as long as they met two criteria:

    1. There weren't taking the piss and ordering excess/gucci items they weren't entitled to, at the expense of others who were.
    2. They came with the right attitude.

    I got dipped, amongst other chores, as the clothing storeman on one particular Joint Service tour and gave away as much as I could because: a) It meant I had less to store; b) The guys could blag as much as possible whilst away from the dicks mentioned above.

    As for Shadies in the Falkands; A den of dubious deals and back-handers as ever I've known. Luckily my time down the road with the FI RE Sqn meant I could proff things for them that they would never have got in their own right.
  13. So exactly the same as every other Q bloke then? :)
  14. Ahh! Good old "shadie's" MPA! When I was in (REME) I was actually allowed round the counter and was able to hand pick the kit I (ahem) required for duty in the FI. Rocked up with correct attitude and slab for duty storemen. Best damn stores ever.
  15. You see I wasn't a 'Q' bloke, I was RAOC/RLC and not a SQMS arrse-wipe.

    You'll find that the real Army supply chain isn't the same as some useless downgraded _________* trying to bide his time before his 22 in your own unit. They're more than likely your cap badge, not mine. :winkrazz:

    *- insert whatever trade fits.