Ever microwaved your spuds?

Eating enough spuds to get the calories you need takes a while. An Irish labourer at the time of the famine was eating 14lbs a day just to maintain bodyweight. Eating a big quantity of the buggers late in the evening also means a bucket of water hits your bladder at 0300.

Try nuking them in the microwave. This gets the water out of them and caramelises some of the carb. They taste almost like roasters. In fact if you over-nuke them the outside goes chewy and brown, but I wouldn't recommend that.

They do take a while, though. Three or four big ones is about twenty minutes and test. You might need to flip them over and give them another ten. You need a covered dish, a bowl and plate will do, and you need to be conscious of the fact that huge quantities of steam will pish out as soon as you move the plate. The bowl gets bloody hot as well. Letting them stand for (say) 6 minutes when they come out is a good idea as well, as is stabbing a few holes in them after you've peeled them.

That said, they are a damn sight more interesting than ordinary spuds. I'm off to have a kilo and a half with a load of pointed cabbage and pink salmon - mmmmmmm.

Pink salmon mashed with natural yoghurt, black pepper and a squirt of lemon is sensational with nuked spuds. 400g tin of salmon needs about 140g yoghurt. ASDA does own brand/Smart price versions of both.

:idea: I've got to eat.

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