Ever Met an Arrse User?

I don't mean on a crawl or because you arranged to meet and shag one.

Just wondering if there's ever been an incident where you've been chatting to someone through work or whatever and it was mentioned and they turned out to be a user. There was a story on here quite a while back about a bloke who met a car mechanic or something who was wearing a mushroom head pin that sounded quite good.

Most of you know I work in hotels and a few of you have mentioned staying up in the area I work in. Always wondered if I'd be able to ID somebody. I asked specifically because I get loads of ex-service guys in - most of them wearing H4H bands or charity T-shirts, hence sometimes talking about them serving - and I have made a twat of myself mentioning it to one or two to see if I can catch a regular user. Most say they've only heard of it but don't use it.

So have you ever stumbled across an ARRSE user by accident?


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Yup, workmate in fact!
I thought I had once, but it turned out to be my own sock puppet.

Actually six people I saw posting on ARRSE are people I have served with in my army years, and one person I traded comments with on the ARRSE forums I have since met on an course.
Yup, workmate in fact!
Same here.

He didn't look at all surprised when I told him my username as I'm a cunt in person as well.
This is where I find out that I've checked in large numbers of you cunts into hotels and you haven't said anything.

Like Nobby Sapper, most people I mention it to don't know what it is and say they'll check it out. Aside from the few who have heard of it but don't post on it.
How do the broach the topic? Just comming straight out and asking hotel guests; "Do you use ARRSE by any chance?", or, "Are you an ARRSEr?" would most likely get a denial as a reply. Unless you were asking an obviously camp queen, that is. Dropping hints about ARRSE on the internet, or showing an interest in ARRSE would make you look and sound dodgy too.

I had considered making up a name badge with the Sgt spud head logo to use on some occassions but I haven't got around to it yet.
Pinged a couple that I used to serve with, or more truthfully my opsec is shite and they figured out who I am but as I seldom meet anyone outside of my hermit cave I haven't run into any in RL yet.
Its a small bloody world innit?! I used to talk to an Arrser, well actually, believe it or not did have some terrible arguments with him/her. This went on for years, with death-threats etc.

Imagine my surprise, whilst talking with my Grandma Betty to find out it was her all along!

I knew she hated me cos she always forgot my birthday pressie, "it must of got lost in the post dear".

The lying bitch.
Yup several; some even had some connection with the forces! :)

Also had interview without coffee conducted by a fellow Arrser after some dodgy posts :)
Just in case I do, I keep my ARRSE challenge coin in my wallet so they can buy the first drink!!

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