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Ever heard a woman confess ?

In my 'workplace' the proportion is 9:1 women to men. Needless to say a tailspin has taken over. The people who run the business are of course blokes, but far too stupid to recognise that handing management to women will inevitably end in tears. Must go, my baby is crying in the creche.......


Book Reviewer
There is no specification as to whether the post is asking about whether they confess to acts conducted or wished. If it is the latter, I refer my (soon to be) learned fellow posters to this.

Even if they are made up, it's worth booking a slot at the opticians after reading it, just in case.
I have nothing to confess. I was never there (for any given value of "there") and I have at least 3 alibis for every event I was definitely not there for.

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