Ever happen to you?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Did this ever happen to you and you never had a spare?

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  2. Jimmy has lost a leg,,oh dear,,pop to the shop and get a new one.....
  3. Yes, especially in the days of the tin helmet when berets got to be worn on exercise. Cam nets where real Jimmy breakers.
  4. Not wanting to be too much of a spotter but didn't the older staybright cap badge only have one lug on the Jimmy? Then the newer version came in with two lugs on to stop this happening?
  5. Fixed. I'll put it on your tab.
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  6. Think that's right - they were a right sod for snapping before that important mod.
  7. Soggy4978

    Soggy4978 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I have 3 capbadges in a drawer somewhere, all are missing an arm, never managed to get Jimmy legless though, he could always drink me under the table.
  8. Ha, what a classic! The badge was a pain in the 'arris on Exercise and I must have got through shed-loads in my youth. I remember an OR cloth version was brought in for a few years (NOT the WO1/Offr variant, but a much inferior, cheaper looking thing) in an attempt to combat the problem, but that also disappeared after few years. I vaguely recall the cloth badge being the initiative of one of the Sig Bde OC's or similar (a bit like the black polo necks brought in by an officer who shall remain nameless!).
    Jimmy, Bless him, is definitely one of the most puny of cap badges - why couldn't Mercury have had legs like a prop forward?
    Certa Cito!
  9. Are you some sort of mentalist, the shop?
    The RQ at 4ADSR was some mad man from a Cavalry unit who opened the stores based on the lunar calendar. If you were lucky to get past the hallowed gates you had the Spanish Inquisition as to your request of new, even if the arrse was hanging out of your combats. He would enquire as to how the tailoress could not "make good".

    I had a pair of combats that had battery acid from a 432 all over them, I looked like a walking patchwork quilt with all the little squares stitched onto them.

    I remember the cloth badges and the 211 black roll necks.

    Did any of you ever see someone put the wrong collar dog in their beret or twat hat? I saw a Tech Sgt when I was in juniors do it for a parade. The Jock Guards CSM ripped him a new hole.
  10. No names, no pack drill, no unit, no timescale, but our new SSM marched into the MT compound to inspect the Sqn, to make an impression on his first day. It was a monday morning, sun shining, shirt-sleeve order and we were all on parade in our Troops. In he marched; immaculate, to take over the parade from the acting SSM (one of the Troopies). Seconds later, he had done a smart about turn and marched himself back to his office - he had left his wrist crown behind!! How we laughed!
  11. Minor improvement.
  12. On my HGV couse at Leconsfield in 1989, a signalman had his modern-day Royal Signals cap badge swopped without his knowledge for a WW2 issue Royal Signals badge, where the Jimmy has a surround. It was only pointed out to this lad as we were lined up in the hangar for the morning parade. The parade was mostly made up of RCT, Army Air Corps, Royal Signals and WRAC, with a dozen or so other cap badges in there. The SSM in the hangar was RCT, and did not notice the badge. The Scaleyback got away with it.
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  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    Wow, you're a real prankster !!
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  14. Should've put it in the powder puff beret'for a jape'.
  15. Were you punched stupid by this Signalman?
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