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Ever had a completely inappropriate reaction to something?

I recently got told my friends parents were splitting up and I started laughing, probably due to awkwardness- I am a cvnt, but not that much, it just came out. Needless to say he wasn't best pleased with me and I had to apologise. Anyone else have any similar stories?
My English mate told me last night (pissed) he was an Irish Republican and had voted Sinn Fein. Needless to say he's carrying an extra strong sore head today and is an ex-mate.

Maybe not so inappropriate on reflection :?


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God, I have those sort of inappropriate reactions all the time. I just thought it was because I was a squaddie, as all my mates react in the same way.
As it happens I bumped into an old mate yesterday. We spoke about how it was not so long ago we were kids, how we now have kids of our own, and how our sisters have grown up.....he said his sister was 21 now and pregnant, I said "oh ye, she's grown up then again she" .....

.........then I remembered that she was a fuckin midget!
firthy said:
Couldn`t give a fu*k when dianna had a lesson in driving.
There was meant to be some National Service weekend b0llocks at Chatham, involving trade demos, marching about in 2s and generally cleaning the world. Then she carked it and they cancelled the whole thing. Result! All topped off when the minute's silence lasted about 4 seconds before a 9 Squadron lad piped up wih 'she would have got it, like'.
My big gaffe was at the Ffrench embassy when I was working for the EC in Cambodia. The Ffrench ambassador used to piss me off by continualy harping on about the fact that I dont speak Ffrench he went on about it for two years. After a particularly good lunch (the Ffrogs do a particularly good lunch at their embassy in Phnom Penh) I had partaken of some fine wine and when we were about to leave, HE asked me if I would have learned Ffrench the next time we met. I answered that I saw no point in learning a dead language. He never spoke to me again.

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