Ever feel like someone is trying to tell you something?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by The_Gruffalo, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, this is my first post so i thought it may as well be a whine/moan disguised as a question.

    Had my main board booked for Tuesday 12 Jan and decided I'd go for a little jog yesterday to get the juices flowing etc etc. Yet this 'little jog' resulted in me stacking it in this f'ing ice, spraining my wrist and dislocating my little finger. Had i been watching me injure myself there is no doubt that i would have pissed myself with laughter.

    This incident comes after being unable to attend a POC at the beginning of December as i hurt my leg in a car accident the day before.

    I'm now unable to attend main board until the beginning of June, as i'm taking part in a 3 month charity walk which starts in Feb. I was aiming for Sept intake at RMAS anyway so its not the end of the world.Simply a case of manning up and getting on with it.

    But my question to you is this: Have you ever been bent over the proverbial table and fisted by the cruel hand of fate?

    Or perhaps more specifically: Has anyone else managed to cripple themselves training for main board and found themselves angrily shaking their fists against the sky.

  2. I was once bent over a table and fisted by 3 PARA Mortars. I have also never shaken my fists at the sky as I would look and feel silly doing such a thing.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You sill boy
    Don't you know?
    There's no such thing
    As a Gruffalo :p
  4. Durchys influence spreads yet further. It must be stopped.
  5. Underlucky Gruff. I have my main board on the 12th as well, and have also been tempting fate by continuing to run and train in icy conditions. I did a 3 miler yesterday and went flat on my arrse no less than 4 times, though managed to avoid anything worse than a scuffed knee. Having said that I may take it easy between now and Tuesday...
  6. I'd pay to watch the film :lol:
  7. I once twisted my ankle. Fate is so cruel. Hey Gruffalo, we can jump in the Thames together and end it all rather then go on suffering.
  8. I am on the main board on the 12th also :)

    I haven't done running since it started snowing, been doing burpees / circuit training in a mate's garage!
  9. Done deal.

    You've got to love a website where within 2 posts and 24hrs you find yourself entered into a suicide pact.

  10. I believe the Tees (particularly the Stockton stretch) is particularly in vogue for that kind of thing at the moment.

    Hard luck though. I'm also booked for the 12th so I've been exercising indoors as much as possible. Good luck in your next shot, and try to avoid any fistings in the mean time.
  11. Bridgend was pretty 'down with the kids' for a bit not too long ago. Damn depressing place.
  12. I might join you guys where all the cool kids hang out at Brigend...

    Disaster took place at my Main Board where I aggravated a knee injury from rugby during the final stages of the beep test - basics are I got sent home on the first day due to the risk of further injury from the more strenous assessments.

    I am gutted but will be back in 3 months time to hit MB again...and this time I won't do my best impression of Michael Essien whilst changing direction.

    Good luck to the rest of you aiming for May intake...
  13. Well you don't want to hang around there. :lol:
  14. I'll stick my neck on the line and second that.
  15. Well boys... what ever about the running, even walking can cause the odd problem.


    If you turn it up you can just about make him out saying: 'Oh shit' after them impact. Priceless