Ever considered a transfer to Int Corps (V)?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 3_MI_Bn_(V), Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Calling all TA personnel...

    Int Corps (V) has expanded significantly under FAS TA. Due to this increase in our establishment, 3 MI Bn (V) now has a number of vacancies available for transferees (especially for SNCOs).

    We will accept any TA SNCO who wishes to transfer into 3 MI Bn (V), subject to passing an interview but without the need to pass Int Corps (V) Technical Selection. The only condition is that you must pass the two-week OPMI 3 (V) course.

    Via the various OPMI trade courses, you will be taught how to collate, interpret, evaluate and analyse information and produce valuable intelligence assessments, both written and oral, in a timely manner. You will also learn about the various intelligence collection units and organisations and their capabilities. In addition, we will teach you the basics of counter intelligence, such as conducting protective security inspections and investigations. Finally, options for further, specialist, training also exist in the areas of Psychological Operations and Imagery Intelligence.

    Our Unit considers man-management as a priority. Not only will we ensure that your TA career is managed efficiently but we will also train and develop you to manage your subordinates' careers too. This is an essential part of your whole-life development and will benefit you in your civilian employment. Numerous opportunities are available for FTRS and mobilisation for those interested.

    We are particularly short of SNCO Mil Skills instructors and would be very keen to hear from anyone with these qualifications. We also have some E2 posts on our establishment for Mil Skills instructors. Therefore, if you're interested in spending a couple of years with Int Corps (V) but don't want to transfer, we would still like to hear from you.

    We encourage JNCOs to transfer as well, however, you will be expected to pass Int Corps (V) Technical Selection.

    Edited for spoolling mistakes pointed out by OOTS.
  2. I heard that 5 MI was THE Int Bn to join.
  3. Stop that. Stop that now. Inter-Bn rivalry (as opposed to the usual slagging) is the preserve of wasters who haven't noticed how thin on the ground we are these days. (And some COs. Allegedly. And they should know better too.) It does nothing more than put barriers up to stop soldiers moving around as they need to do from time to time.

    It doesn't matter which one you're in, it's all good. Pick the one which suits your interests or location, simple as that. Although 3 is the only one to offer full time opportunities in God's own trade (*).

    (*) PI if you must know, although I believe they call it IA these days. Tradition eh, counts for nothing mumble mumble zzzzzz ......
  4. 3 MI have Mortar Fire Controllers?
  5. Being in 3MI's Training Wing, you must know about this already?
  6. AHP - you didn't need to include the word I have highlighted.
  7. Lol, actually.
  8. Glad taken in the right spirit.

    However, I suspect this joke still has some way to run!
  9. 1. Age Limits?

    2. What Mil Skills?

    And for my own personal curiosity , why aren't they required to pass tech selection? I thought that was about aptitude for the job?
  10. If they had some sort of succession policy instead of a single minded obsession with just recruiting, mobilising then blowing off JNCOS there might be people left.
  11. If I was successful would I be sent to the RTC?
  12. Oh I don't doubt that at all.
  13. I'd be very interested indeed in what things you feel that are under the control of the Bn that could be changed to help them stay. PM me if you like.

    You'll note my caveat above of course, the emphasis on mobilisation is driven by the stark fact that the regular Corps is too small to meet operational needs. (And it's not just our capbadge.) Recruitment is therefore of necessity an obsession, but so should be retention. So what makes them leave ?

    My perception is that one main driver is the incompatibility of TA service with a career. A tour is seen by many as a gap year analogue, to be followed by a swift exit to start a career (as opposed to just a job). Do we encourage this with the constant emphasis on mobilisation ?

    Another is the post-tour comedown, exacerbated by the comparative lack of kit for training - see my comments re Annual Camp, although I note they generated a lot of resistance from the more, erm, apparently senior elements on here.

    Is is simply that we don't take the effort to get the returnee on a cracking CQE when they return to get their mojo recharged ? (Oh God, Annual Camp again ...). Maybe we should chuck them at challenges like languages, the IA course etc a bit harder ? There is so much opportunity in our cap badge that others don't get a sniff at that there's no excuse for not getting soldiers doing really, really interesting and worthwhile stuff. Plus promotion is wide open as long as you have the ability.

    I don't know though. So tell me, am I talking pump ? And if so, what drives soldiers away ?

    PS. I have never blown off a JNCO, service test and all that.
  14. Is that something you're offering? Otherwise I don't see many incentives?

    Do you have extra special postitions for people who are already DV'd? Are there opportunities for budding James Bond types, or are all your positions geeks looking at types of bridges and the like?

    Are the birds any good (and by good I mean easy)?
  15. Details of 5MI Locations, contact details, etc. on ARMYNET at following link Units and Orgs - 5MI Bn You'll need to log onto ARMYNET to view. Go to Units and Orgs, Intelligence Corps, 5MI Bn

    Lots of opportunities for transferees.