Ever been that rabbit in the headlights?

...By which I mean: What phrase or comment from your missus has you absolutely kacking it?

My worst, (normally, with the weekend stretching far into the distance, and settling down to Soccer AM/Helen Chamberlain):

1. "I want to go to IKEA"


2. "We need to talk"

BTW, Sausage-side they say IKEA stands for Idioten Kaufen Eben Alles (Idiots Will Buy Anything)
What about the dreaded 'How about another baby.....'
Another *very* ominous phrase, to quote Jack Dee;

"You're in a funny mood..."
when she pulled the whip out from the drawer ... I felt my eyes go very large and breathing did stop.
In a dress shop, after asking your opinion of some hideously expensive garment:

'You're just saying that because you want to go...'

'Do you? I'm going off it'

'Of course I'll need shoes and a handbag to go with it'
Listy said:
ArmySurplusSpecial said:
translated for blokes = "i need to moan"
Or in my case; "I'm leaveing. Here's the ring back".
why didnt i get an invite to the party?? :lol: we could have brought a pack of pringles each from the change!!
Today: viewing the image on her MAC.

'It's a Cartier Tank watch, not new but registered in 2004.

Is it second hand do you think?.

They are sending me it on 7 days approval, at no charge to me. The £2,100 (or whatever) can be payed by my card. Is that good?'

I walk out of the room shuddering.

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