ever been led up the garden path!!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by syndrome, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Has any one in here been led up the garden path...............OR even blatently lied to while serving for any reason?????????? OR have "you lied" to get what you want...........eh??????? hojn alrste BOO HOO (wheres me sgt!!!) :D
  2. You being like lying to pretend that your serving?
  3. The missus led me up the garden path one night...I was too p1ssed to do it myself. :wink:
  4. I dont have a garden, but get lied to constantly

  5. Yes you do have a garden!
  6. where?
  7. Isn't it along the side of a valley?
    So when you work on it you could be classed as an "Uphill Gardner"?
  8. oh thats right, how silly of me to forget, but I only do uphill gardening for your missus when your on tour :twisted:
  9. Im single, can you have a word with my Mother for me? Since Dad got into gardening, she cries a lot!
  10. why does he smash her round the face with a rake?
  11. Given appearance, you wouldn't be wrong for thinking so.
  12. Yes, I've lied.

    During our tour of Osnabruck, a young soldier was informed that his brother had been killed outright in an RTA. To say that the man was 'gutted' would, of course, be to considerably understate things. He had simply 'shut down' and ceased to function as a soldier.

    We verified the circumstances of his brother's death and then set about getting him a flight home on Comp 'B'.

    We had to obtain an authority from GI HQ BAOR. His AF B6851 had his father as his NOK and his sister as his additional next of kin. His brother was not listed.

    HQ BAOR refused an authority on those grounds and stated that a flight at public expense was out of the question.

    Three weeks before I had returned from my BI Clerk's course at the School of Clerical Training RAOC at Deepcut. We were given a presentation by a senior civil servant on the role and function of GI Comp at MOD. He alluded to the frustrating lack of imagination and bureaucratic rigidity of HQ BAOR GI which had, in the past, led to one or two problems which could have been resolved with a little bit of humanity and that should any of us encounter a brick wall in the future, then it was permissible to bypass the chain of command and ring him directly.

    Three weeks later, I availed him of an offer he wished he had never made. I pointed out the problem but, given the NOK election the man had made, there was little he could do by way of an authorisation.

    My response was that if the AF B6851 could be amended at any time by a soldier by free election, what would the position be if the soldier had, the day before, entered the Orderly Room, filled in a new card electing his brother as his additional next of kin in favour of his sister?

    Silence at the end of the phone!

    Comp B authorisation granted by MOD G1 Comp, and a revised AF B6851 with the unit date/stamp turned back one day and sent out in the mail the day the man departed for Gutersloh and Home.

    Lying for your own?

    Yes, every damned time!
  13. only ever seen her from the back but ill have a word with "papa" for you stevie boy :D
  14. Thou hast stabbed my with thine Rapier. Well met!
  15. please tell me your taking the piss? thats taking it a bit far isnt it, (actually i stopped reading after AF B6851) you need to get out more mate :D