Ever been busted?!...

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by poo_finger, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. ...As in reduced in rank? If so what for?
    I'm looking at a possibility of losing a tape some time in the near future :(
  2. Only after spending 18 month local acting, busted on draft which prickled abit
  3. I lost my lance-jack for drunkenly liberating a bike, sadly the German was still using it at the time & fisticuffs ensued.

    The 6 weeks in Colchester was however a bonus, it made me pull my head out of my own arse and allowed me to have quite a short (medical reasons) but successful career.
  4. It's over-rated. I lost my first tape back in the early 90s - for bringing a young female acquaintance back to barracks. It hasn't harmed me too much in the long term - by my 12 year point I had caught up with my peers.
  5. Reduced to the ranks. It is not the end of the world.

    I lost two tapes in 1958 and a couple of months later, found myself inside

    for twenty eight days following a disagreement with the wrong person.

    As a Krazy Ivan said, it makes you re-evaluate. I had them both back

    within three years. It is not for everyone but I think I became a better

    soldier for the experience. It certainly took the chip off my shoulder.
  6. I'm a full screw, substansive! Not a bad one at that i like to think.
    However my love of the demon alcohol causes one to make some uncharacteristic decisions and all judgement goes out of the window.
    I've got a clean conduct sheet, so i'm hoping the powers that be will be slighty leniant when it comes to awarding me my punishment, however i am preparing for the worst!
  7. And so say all of us. The Demon Drink and soldiers. Good luck mate.
  8. As it stands, I think i'm getting done for, being p*ssed out of my head when i was meant to be on duty, and gobbing off to a Junior officer for attempting to get me to duty. Its probably been written up to sound 10 times worse in the statements etc.
    Currently i'm being left to stew, and the rumour factory is out of control with regards to possible punishments etc, slightly annoying but hey ho!
    Ultimately not big, not clever! But whats done is done and i had an awesome weekend, albeit regretting it a tad now!
  9. If this is what happened, I think you should prepare yourself for the worst.
  10. Standby for lots of sanctimonious "You are an NCO and therefore have to be held to a higher standard" claptrap.

    Except its true - you should have known better.

    You are a full screw - haven't you learnt how not to get caught yet? :D
  11. Dont ever regret it... you had an awesome weekend...take your "award" do what ever needs to be done and Carry On.

    In a few years you will laugh at the whole situation as it will pale into insignificance.
  12. I was busted to the ranks from Lance Jack for hitting another Coy's CSM following a drunken disagreement. I think I got off lightly!

    Hardest one to get, easiest one to loose.
  13. Try this:
  14. I'm going to learn that word for word, f*cking awesome!
  15. Be a man, take it on the chin, crack on, all the best blokes get in the shoite, only the depth varies