Are there any military events i can take my 10 year old son to in the next few months? Im not worried about travelling distance to them. Alternatively are there any regimental open days i can take him to. Again distance is not that important, but i would like them to be as soon as possible please.

Why not take him to a museum, The Light Div and Gurkha museum in Winchester, IWM in London/Duxford, RAF museum Hendon, HMS Belfast, HMS Victory, there's loads. What are you trying to achieve?
syledis said:
Its not that at all !!! Im just trying to pack a lot into a little time
You could do far worse than spending some time at Duxford, mucker. That place is fückin' magical!



i may give that a try thanks

i was hoping to get him a ride in a tracked vehicle
I'm contacting you to see if you fancy going to the premier of the latest Mark Ashmore film 'Broken Britain'. The premier is in Salford, Manchester, at the Lowry Theatre in the Compass Room on Thursday 19th March at 8pm. The Lowry have been kind enought to support us with a free venue, and a local brewer has made us a special beer called 'broken britain'. You are welcome to come down, enjoy the film and sample some beer!

It is an issue based film examining the way soldiers are seen and treated in the UK and is based on original news articles. The plot follows the story of 3 soldiers who return home only to be greeted with a new sign out side their local club.

If you're a soldier and the sign out side your local club says 'No Soldiers' how do you get in to pay your respects to your mates mum and apologise to your girlfriend? Why do even the door men have no respect and no time to listen?

This film is a precursor to the feature film, currently titled 'Big boys don't send post cards' and currently in development. In brief this film will look at how soldiers and their families cope with the life of a soldier and the attitude back home in a sensitive and entertaining way to try and provoke the people of the UK in to re-examining why they see and treat soldiers in this way.

Broken Britain is a film by Director Mark Ashmore, his previous film 'your state of emergency' has been shown at Cannes and can be viewed on-line for free at, viewed by over 750,000 peopleso far! Mark is an issued based dramatic film maker who uses film as a means to give volume to voices and get issues heard with a mantra of art must scream for those who cannot.

We have a facebook page 'Broken Britain' at and myspace page if you fancy getting all down with the kids! You can also find us on bebo as BrokenB52 and we are twittering as 'Broken Britian'.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Please e-mail me DIRECT
Chaps - please look at the Hols4Heroes thread...the OP's request on this thread is the appeal we are working on. If any of these suggestions can be turned into offers please PM me or MDN

Ta muchly

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