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And by the way the above event is free to attend, however you need to go to the eventbrite link above and be on the list to get into the event.
If you are going into Business it really important to have the legal stuff sorted out...What is the legal stuff you might ask? Come to this free event and find out. Business legal problems solved for entrepreneurs - Eventbrite This will be held at the house of Lords. Therefore security will be very high!
I'm not having a dig or anything, but, all your events seem to be in London. Are there no entrepreneurs anywhere else in the UK?
@CTD. We have the following event on the 12th of October 2pm – 7pm at the Westpoint Conference Centre in Exeter. This is being held by the FSB and approx 40-50 stands will be there. We also had a stand at the Made Event in Sheffield were we had many people come over and show interest. We have a seminar happening at 43 Wessex Brigade and at this time is being planned and dated.

We are a small charity working out of London, so please give us time to grow. At present, in the Capital companies are charging £2,500 to aid with business plans or mentoring etc. If we can help service leavers their spouses and our veterans into their own business then thats fantastic, because these other companies want get their hands on their hard earned cash.

All the best
We have a handful of tickets left so be quick if you want to come along. Best Hitback

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