Events in Saudi Arabia - Coincidence or More?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cedenullis, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. If he had only been cast in The Office
  2. Smaller component produced in Iran, manacle rings and the electronics, the rest is cut and shunt. Tech assistance direct on the ground, Hezb in particular who have a fair bit of DIY experience.

    The missiles aren't much of a threat and accuracy on the SA-2 conversions will not be good, they're more symbolic.
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  3. I found the opposite. The culture of commission and gifts is ingrained in the national psyche. More open than the corruption of the West though.
  4. I suspect @AsterixTG was referring to work ethic rather that the acceptance of a hotel suite full of hookers and an unexpected, yet not unpleasant, deposit into a Swiss bank account.
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  5. Reckon you're right.

    They're different, not Northern Europeans. Who'd want to work through the day from 10:00 onward without the benefit of ac and the likes. Red Sea or Gulf in the high 30's are debilitating to put it mildly. This transfers through to work ethic.
  6. Didn't stop us on Granby. A bit of midday sandbagging anyone?
    I totally get you point though, the daytime heat is very unpleasant and the locals did look at us as if we were daft with our working hours.
  7. I suspect their real target was the front page of the newspapers, and they hit that square on.