Events in Saudi Arabia - Coincidence or More?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cedenullis, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    And enjoy famouse British tea with Polonium?
    London now is one of the friendlies places in the world for Secret Services from all over the world, including Russia, Iran and KSA.
  2. Seems the Crown Prince is looking to get rid of any possible contenders to his title as Heir Apparent and also top up the Saudi Government Funds.
  3. More arrests have been made, and more accounts frozen. Saudi Arabia reported to make fresh arrests in anti-graft crackdown
    The number of people expected to be swept into the net is expected to eventually be in the hundreds. The number of bank accounts frozen is over 1,700 and rising.
    It will be fascinating though to see how many people actually end up being prosecuted for corruption, or whether the investigation will be quietly dropped after making examples of a few has served its purpose of distracting the populace from upcoming austerity measures.
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  4. They also have a series of weapons with the local name Zalzal, or "earthquake" in Farsi.

    Zelzal-3 - Wikipedia

    These are in service with the Iranian forces, and their proxy allies.
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  5. YarS

    YarS On ROPs

    Yes, they have, but with CEP near 10 km, it is almost useless against military targets. Tool for harrasing fire against big and unprotected targets like Arabic cities.
  6. Helps to have more to throw over the border then!

    Like the one intercepted three days ago over Riyadh?

  7. Times of Israel /AP says it was a "Volcano"missile.
    Saudi Arabia warns Iran Yemen missile attack ‘may be act of war’

    Wikipedia has a "Volcano H-2" aka Burkan/Borkan/Burqan
    It appears to be a liquid fuelled rocket, which suggests, to me, a probable Iranian Shahab class, which are going out of service.These were SCUD B clones.

    As liquid fuelled missiles are nasty and not very mobile, the Iranians have probably off loaded their surplus to the Houthis. I expect they trained or supplied the ground crews as well, -you don't let tribesmen near Red Fuming Nitric Acid and Kerosene if you can help it.
    Yemen did operate the SCUD at one time, but I doubt they retain the capacity now.

    I think the Saudi's are probably correct to think it is the Iranians.
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  8. "Nicking dual nationals"- aka "taking hostages.".
    How very Iranian Revolutionary.
  9. I spent a long time in the Middle East with plenty, sadly, of trips to KSA.

    I found the locals anti-graft by nature.
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  10. Hmmm......
    This would not be good news at all if it is true. At least not for me and @NSP
    Is Saudi Arabia Lying about Its Oil Inventories? |

    Saudi Arabia’s reports about declining crude oil inventories were instrumental in the buildup of trust on the market that OPEC’s—and the Kingdom’s specifically—efforts to rebalance crude oil’s fundamentals were working. Now, a satellite imaging company, Orbital Insights, is challenging these reports, suggesting that OPEC’s leader may have well been lying to get prices higher.
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  11. I would be far less worried about them lying about inventories than I would reserves - about which there are plenty of doubts. They haven't released official data for over 30 years and, iirc, the Wikileaks revelations indicated that Aramco (you know, that one that is preparing for the world's largest stock flotation) had indicated that to be the case.
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  12. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who is reported to have said "One war at a time" to his Secretary of State for War, who suggested starting a war with Britain to unite the republic.

    (Obviously, he'd have been a better preseident just saying "Fine people on many sides, many sides")

    Not having finished in any way, the current engagement in Yemen - they appear to be squaring up with Lebanon.

    Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War
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  13. That would be good news for someone working in exploration, i.e. me.

    I appreciate that it has the potential to through the world economy a googly though.