Events in Saudi Arabia - Coincidence or More?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cedenullis, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. Interesting to note, ever so carefully, that the following events have occurred in or approaching Saudi Arabia in the last 24 hours.

    1. The Lebanese Prime Minister, for no apparent reason, announces his resignation whilst in Saudi Arabia.
    2. A ballistic missile, possibly of Iranian origin and conceivably launched from the Yemen, is shot down by ABM en route to Saudi Arabia.
    3. The Crown Prince sacks, and has arrested,11 members of the Royal Family, 4 other ministers and several other officials.

    Coincidence or linked in some nefarious way? Frank Gardner may have a view.
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  2. There's been speculation for some months that Israel and KSA may be looking for a way to undermine Iranian influence and the increasing influence of Shia Islam in Syria and Iraq.
    There was an attack on a Druze village near to the Golan this week and Israel has made reference to moving into Syria to protect the Druze community, which is so much cr*p imho (as a motive that is).
    Where today's arrests fit into the story is another question and I defer to regular, well informed, posters in the Syria thread. However, recent events have the smell of staged justification for armed intervention in Syria. I hope to God not as it would destabilise Lebanon (and Hezbollah are stronger, better equipped and experienced, and doubtless keen to have a crack at their traditional enemy). The Lebanon deserves stability.
    Like I said, I defer to others but something is up.
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  3. Hezbollah says Saudi Arabia forced Lebanese PM to quit
    Lebanon is in a precarious position being between the Saudi led Sunni and the Shi’a led Iran with Hz (Iran supported, supplies and equipped) doing what they do, with similar levels of refugees to population. They get a lot of western support in many areas and it’s a huge melting pot that can easily kick off as it has in the past. They have obviously been affected by six years of civil war in their neighbour.

    The Lebanese Army recently had an op against IS militants. The same group were attacked by Hz. No coordination of effort. It ended with the IS militants leaving to drive off to Deir al-Zor (and bridges in their way bombed by the coalition) and the Lebanese Army and Hz having some bodies (can’t recall without looking whether alive or dead) returned.

    Ref the Druze, Israel will be damned for not supporting allies or damned for supporting allies. They’ve been attacking Iranian supplies to Hz through Syria for ages. Hz have set their stall out. Guess which way they will go.

    More problems in the Middle East? Say it ain’t so :)
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  4. Thread already here: Saudi - Palace Coup under way?
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  5. The Lebanese army has seemed quite keen on taking the fight to ISIS and some Sunni groups. Is that an accurate impression please?
  6. Not to my knowledge. They get training, weapons etc. from the West but they really are in a precarious position and have to balance their capabilities with the money they get from abroad. That and not p’off their principle supplier with anything to do with Hz.

    I believe they had the right circumstances for the August op and got on with it. Quite successful and took that particular problem away from them to put it elsewhere. Their website doesn’t have a great deal going on other than the supply of weapons: Official Website of the Lebanese Army | Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty.

    This is a Reuters article from August which not only talks about the op but some of the problems Lebanon has:
    Lebanese army, Hezbollah announce offensives against Islamic State on Syrian border

    There’s a Leb Army thread from this year as well

    E2A: Lebanon
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  7. Thank you. Appreciated. I'll check those sites out.
  8. Added this as well: Lebanon
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  9. Aramco, the Saudi state owned oil firm, is schedule to publicly list up to 10% of the company next year. The higher the oil price the higher the valuation. *tin foil hat*
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  10. Seems to me someone is strengthening their power base and carrying out a bit of housekeeping whilst they are at it.
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  11. If I were Israel I'd not be getting into any entanglements with the hamfisted Sauds.
    After all, Syria, Iraq and Yemen have turned out well for them.
    And has been noted, Hizbullah are much better tooled up than the last time they gave the IDF a stuffing.
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  12. And also this.I have no idea if it is related.

    A senior Saudi prince and seven other officials have been killed in a helicopter crash near the country's border with Yemen, state media report.
    Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province, was returning from an inspection tour when his aircraft came down near Abha late on Sunday, the interior ministry said.

    Helicopter crash kills Saudi prince
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    YarS On ROPs

    As our American friends say:
    "Money talks, BS walks".
  14. Source please
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    YarS On ROPs