Events in Essex/London?

Hello gentlemen.

Just a quick post as I was thinking of doing an event of some sort to raise some money for Help 4 Heros aswel as to challenge myself fitness wise although the only problem is, I can't seem to find anything in the nearish future, within a month or two.

Does anyone know of something coming up that I'll be able to take part in? I'm not looking for anything that is going to totally kill me, however maybe a bike ride or a run, perhaps even a sort of triathalon would be brilliant! I'm looking to do this on my own and needs to be within London or Essex (So it means the Helly Hansen adventure challenge is out) and the sooner I can square something away the better.

Thanks alot chap. All the best!
There are a couple of runs in the saffron walden area. Will try to find out details for you if you are intrested
Yeah, anything you can do to help out would be absolutely brilliant! I really want to get stuck in and do something to help raise some money for Help 4 Heros, especially after watching that program 'Wounded'.

Thanks alot.

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