Events for a Team Building Day

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by skintboymike, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Next month my unit is downing tools completely in order to hold a Team Building day. Events like this are normally quite easy to organise, as they are attended exclusively by soldiers. What makes planning this a bit more difficult is that we are also including our civilian workforce, many of which are the wrong side of 60. We therefore need to include activities which won't see us on the wrong end of an InjuryLawyers4U claim, or leave us with half our civilian staff injured and off work.

    One event we have so far is a tent assembling race, where the younger guys are blindfolded and have to set up a 9x9, while the old and bold stand on the sidelines giving directions. We've got other little games lined up, such as an egg and spoon obstacle course and a sack race, but they're a bit naff. If we can replace them with something a bit better (and possibly less physical in some instances) then we will. Your ideas, as always, are much appreciated. Over to you.
  2. If you have an Army Recruiting Team in your area give them a call - they usually have some decent activities and eqpt, and may just run them for you if you ask nicely.

    Other things you may like to consider are a Ready, Steady, Cook type event where you give each team a lit BBQ and a pile of raw ingredients and them let them get on and create their masterpieces. Someone to judge (RLC chef usually good as he can also monitor the H & S side of things), then eat it in conjunction with a few sherbets - good to end the day with.

    Other events could include a minefield crossing exercise. A mine-taped lane, some 'dummy' mines, and a blindfold are all you need.

    One that always satisfies the Civil Secretariat nazis is to lay on a defence-related quiz - boring but it flicks the less physically minded crew's switches.
  3. Try speaking to your nearest AFCO/ACIO or Army Recruiting Team and see if they have any MTa (Managment Training Aids) kits, it's like bags of plastic meccano used specifically for team building tasks. They come with their own facilitators guides or you can make your own problems from the kit.

    If you can, try to get the buggy ones if you can as it is quite simple - build buggy - race - dismantle buggy - first team is the winner.

    But as above the ART teams will have loads of ideas for this kind of thing
  4. Brilliant idea about the AFCO/ACIO, I'll get on the blower in the morning, cheers. One thing I failed to mention though - our budget is £0.00.
  5. If you don't get any joy I've PM'd you my phone number
  6. How about chase the chav

    Hide the chav (6ft down in wooden box)
  7. How about a variation of soggy buscuit two teams of five each one buscuit per person the team with the last person to finish eats the other teams buscuits. If that doesnt encourage team work and motivation nothing will
  8. mine field: football marker cones (the wee flat ones) for your mines, a duck whistle, some maracas and a football rattle (or similar comedy- noise-making instruments) plus one blindfold.

    Blindfolded pers to be directed safely across the'minefield' by rest of team without the use of speech, guided instead by the team's use of comedy impliments.

    The only way is up: Get hold of a long really lightweight cane.First rule is every team member must be touching it by having it resting on top of their two pointed fingers. second rule is that elbows must stay touching the body. the objective is to get the cane on the floor. I've yet to see it done!

    Human table football is also brilliant but you'd need to hire it and it can get extremely violent...

  9. You've got to be fcuking kidding us right? How about 10 pints then a game of pass the punch. Man up for Christ's sake! Egg and fcuking spoon fcuking race! In fact fcuk it, i'm going to punch myself in the face!
  10. Crack on fella, take loads of pics ;)

    Those ideas are already in place by the guy organising it all, I'm trying to think of others we can replace them with. I'm with you mate, not against you. Calm down :D
  11. PM not received, could you try it again?
  12. when I worked in an HQ with a lot of frail civies we did a vehicle based treasure hunt finishing at a pub: split everbody into teams of 4/5 and gave them a series of clues to navigate across the countryside following one of Oliver Cromwell's campaign trails.

    Seemed to go done reasonably well across the board.
  13. Organise some milling

    followed by an all dayer, and pulling a train on a whore.

    dont get left in the "guards van" though.
  14. A vehicle treasure hunt?? have petrol prices gone down on your planet
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    A day out in the Stan its great for team building! Oh and powerstation building as well, sorry, but topical all the same :)