Event idea help?

Last year when at University for Help for Heroes myself and some members from my TA unit ran 37.5mi in just over 10 hours in kit across the Snakes Pass in the Peak District from Sheffield to Manchester and ever since completing it I have been looking for something more challenging to do to no avail. So I was wondering does anyone here have any practical/feasible ideas for an event?

The closest I can come is 100 miles in 4 days with a 40kg bergen in boots?

Any help is more than welcome, this is for Help for Heroes.
Cheers that looks good so thats on my list to do after this one, this one is 100 mile tab in 2 days what you reckon?
A lad from my unit previously did 5 marathons in 5 days for Project65 and is on course to doing 5 marathons in under 36 hours later this month. Oh and as said above, I've only heard 'good' experiences about the Mararthon Des Sables.

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