Even the Tories don't believe in defence spending!

In the longer term then we probably are...

My point, though, is that our "make do" attitude can only go so far!

If we aspire to be the best Armed Forces in the world then we MUST be appropriately funded!

And in the current political climate funding on an already over-funded (but very poorly administered) health service seems far more impoartant.
Whilst this does pi55 me off immensely, it is no great to surprise to me that the Tories are going this way. They have looked at how Labour do business, have realised that Labour, other than increasing public sector employment, do exactly what they (the Tories) did when they were in power and decide to follow suit - ie go for the easy options.

The Tories were not that much better than Labour towards defence. Or has everyone forgotten 'Options for Change'? Better known as 'options for a cheaper defence'.

The Tories, for all their fine words, are as paralysed by fear of being radical as Labour are. If they want to cut public expenditure, they can cut the number of public employees, they can cut bureaucracy in public life. They could be really radical and shake up the social benefit system - like you have to have put in to it in the first place to get anything out. That ought to save money.

But no, they want to play safe. They are scared of upsetting the legal and politically correct establishment that now runs our country without reference to what the population actually wants.

Consequently they, just like labour, will seek to cut the defence budget because the only people who really mind are the military. If the public gave a sh1t, they wouldn't do it.

So if you want to blame anyone, blame a public with the attention span of an amoeba. Or at least those of the public who can actually be bothered to vote!

Great Britain? My ARRSE!!!
Let's face it, politicians are politicians; don't expect anything earth shattering. The old dictum ' garbage in-garbage out' applies to politics just as much as it does to computing.
El Gringo has it right on the nail! The public gets exactly the kind of government it deserves, because a high percentage of voters just don't give a toss, just so long as they have a regular diet of 'Sun, Corrie and I'm a Celeb' + plenty of Diana tape transcripts.
Certainly it is time for a change but trying to rouse the GBP is like stirring mud with a stick; stir as hard as you like, the end result is still mud!
Pretty sad really, another nail in the coffin of HMF, prehaps opening a chain of "oxfam" type shops would be in order!

You know things are bad when even the aussies have better and more plentifull kit than you have! a country that traditionally spent very little on its defence is now recognising the value in it and investing, after all surely the bush world tour is set to continue soon?
I do not think that there are many politicians who are in the game 'for the benefit of the Country and its people'. I personally think that they are all a bunch of self-centred sycophants who are only in in for themselves. Let's face it, if you were in a position to vote in your own pay rises, wouldn't you do everything in your power to stay in that position.

They are all making a complete killing with all their little extra allowances on top of their £56,000. Not forgetting another £75,000 approx as a cabinet minister. After 10 years as an MP they can retire on a 92% pension. No wonder they will do anything to stay in power and probably why Tony will retire at the top rather than wait and 'scrape' an existance on a normal MPs pension.

Working for the benfit of the Country?....my ARRSE!!!

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