Even the Germans Think So.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Storeman Norman, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. It's official. But is it true?

    Germans believe Britain is Europe's leading state
    By Kate Connolly in Berlin
    (Filed: 03/12/2003)

    Britain has come top of a poll among Germans who were asked to name Europe's most powerful nation.

    Results of the opinion poll - in which 1,500 Germans were asked: "Which country is the leading power in Europe?" - showed that 27 per cent thought Britain was "indisputably" number one.

    France was regarded as the most powerful by 26 per cent, and Germany by 21 per cent.

    In a similar survey a decade ago, 57 per cent considered Germany the top power, with Britain seen as such by only eight per cent. The new study showed that 42 per cent of those surveyed felt that Germany's influence in Europe had decreased.

    Christian Jung, of the Berlin-based Federal Association of German Banks which commissioned the poll, said the results showed a growing discontent with Germany's economic problems and a perception of increasing self-confidence in Britain.

    "They reflect the loss of self-confidence caused by the economic stagnation of the past few years," he said. "Due to the Iraq conflict, Britain has been perceived increasingly as an international player."
  2. Oh no how many times do we need to kick German butt to prove who's the daddy?
  3. we did it twice this century :lol:

    also we fought the vichy french army a few times in WW2 in syria, morrocco and also torpeadoed the vichy naval fleet they were too easy to beat , mmmmmmm nothing like a taste of french bashing to give me an appetite :wink:
  4. Vespa when we say French Cooking we don't mean cooking the French!!!!!
  5. Vespa - you must have had a good millenium to think we're still in the same century as WW2!
  6. give him time, I'm sure somewhere in the middle of Africa it is still actually the 20th century, eh Vespa? (I'm giving you a way out, use it and you may not look like a complete numpty)
  7. Nah - let's just crack on with the xenophobic stuff. Screw the froggies and boxheads I say! (Well, not the ugly ones...)
  8. Milan Colour man, when are we going to see any drill tubes that actually work properly and the junction box is not f++++ up?
  9. All those years of pissed up squaddies chanting " Two World Wars and one World Cup do dah do dah" in the Stadt Mittle at 3am has finally paid off then eh ?
  10. bless you darling! good old patriotism there but to put it in perspective the Germans took on more than they could chew with the russians and the yanks. They could have kicked our butt too i am afraid, if it wasn't that really they never wanted to invade us but keep us at bay. They would have paid a lot dearer for Britain than they did for the rest of Europe of course and bless those kids in their Spitfires and Hurricanes.
    I have respect too for the german army at the time as far as their fighting capabilities but it is not possible to separate it from the terrible atrocities associated they are responsible for.
  11. Very true...and any carry-on you hear about the Wermacht being the honourable Landsers whilst the SS did all the dirty work - total rubbish. What goes around comes around - everyone will have seen it first hand in the Balkans a few years ago - but read Anthony Beevors 'Berlin - fall of 1945' to really see payback time. Horrific.
    If you're really sick - chech out this:
  12. oops sorry got caught out :oops: well i still have to get used to this century
  13. tis true some african states use a different calender
  14. But the still think Hurst was off side in 1966. Only when they conceed that will I begin to trust them again.
  15. When the apple blossoms in December, when Aldershot play premiership football, when 1,8,23,32, 14,6 come up on the lottery and when all your dreams come true.