Even the Archbishop of York as got it in for The TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. B-C has has some actual influence or ability to lobby then?

    Clearly certain people are trying to use their position to influence, by whatever means. Worrying, that at their level, they cannot still understand the "bigger picture" or realities of life.
  3. I'd have thought by now people would have divorced the idea that the TA is being increased so the regular army can be cut.

    TA is just going back to normal levels, the SDR Director of Infantry idea we didn't need TA infantry - has been proved to be b8ll0cks over the last few years, etc, etc.

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  4. Why should people be divorced from that reality? The TA is being increased to backfill the regulars who have been cut beyond sensible levels. The politicians excused this decision by grasping onto the vain hope that they could plug the gap with reservists. Of course anyone with any ounce of sense (including, perhaps amusingly, senior Army officers) know that this is arrse. The small fraction of the TA that are actually able and willing to deploy has seen it, done it, got the medal. Many of the rest are too old, too fat and only in it for cheap beer, the bounty, an escape from the missus and the cudos. Of course the hope that regulars, made redundant or hacked off with repeated Helmand deployments or no Helmand deployments (depending on capbadge and role) would sign on to join the TA have proven to be nonsense too.

    Shite isn't it?!


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  5. What has a Ugandan got to do with our military system.

    He might be better used to serve all under his diosise (including reservists) and get on with his job that he his paid for.
  6. However, it is also difficult to fill some gaps with regulars - it's easier to get more experience from the civvie street/TA (e.g. medics, IT staff). Also in some trades, especially in peacetime - the jobs are done by civvies (contractors) anyway i.e. chefs, drivers, IT staff.

    I also like the implication that a regular Archbishop of York would be a better one than a TA one and so a civvie one? So we can safely ignore his comments as he's potential STAB?

  7. I am concerned that he lacks a little credibility when it comes to matters of defense.

    Has he asked his big invisible friend for advice?

    ...or is God pulling an Emperor Mong act here - "Go on, gob off about defense and matters military. I know you know eff all about it...YOU know you know eff all about it...but the punters will listen to a Man of God and take you seriously as you automatically have a mandate to talk bollocks about everything under the sun."

  8. Well Rodney it was in an interview for BFBS so I expect he was asked a leading question...usually the way it works.

    And Polar, I have no issue with reservists filling niche posts and even in formed specialist units. However, to backfill 20K of regulars...I am sorry, I don't think so. You would be pretty pissed off if I rocked up to refit your gas boiler with a couple of weeks training and and a few evening sessions in the bar behind me!


  9. I'm involved in TA recruit training and feel pretty confident that most recruits I see are willing and able to deploy. Naturally many of the rest are too old ( a rule introduced by the Adjutant General, not the TA ) etc. but the rest of your criticism can I suspect, be equally levied at our Regular brethren.
  10. and in English?
  11. Having dealt with some of the staff British Gas and National Grid have put on a project in our area recently I'd be happy if you could speak or even understand English.
  12. BB,

    Too old - not to the same extent as the TA

    Too fat - PAP 10 and manning levers are thinning out the lardies (see what I did there?)

    Cheap beer - perhaps in Germany

    Bounty - yeah right!

    Escape from the missus - yes, especially if you want it to be permanent - check out relationship breakdown stats for regulars

    Cudos - well something has to make up for the negatives!


  13. Pp, I think the back fill idea is mostly spin with a bit of truth - the army has been cut, nothing more or less.

    It does need to make better use of reservists, it's related to the cuts but also a separate problem thats been going on for years (not forever mind, mostly recent)

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  14. I can't disagree with much of what he says. One would have thought that if it was obvious to the Archbishop of York it would be obvious to both our political masters and some of the posters on Arrse as well. Personally, I don't believe the reserve forces are particularly good value for money or have the potential to deliver the capability we need (less for sponsored reserves and some specialists).

    A bit like the equally silly/difficult decisions to delete carrier strike and maritime recce (Nimrod), the order has been given (for understandable financial reasons) and we are going to have to get on with it, however stupid the plan is.
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