Even ex policemen in jail get a good deal.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by muhandis89, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. What a nice Christmas present to help that poor girl's mother with her grief. Makes you proud to be British doesn't it? :x
  2. fucking disgrace. What the hell is going on in the country. Shall we allow foriegn people who murder our citizens stay in the country after their release? Oh we do already. Fucking PC whallahs.
  3. Why isn't the ex-PC sewing sandbags over Christmas?

    Fcuking disgusting.
  4. I thought prison was meant to hurt? Free food, shelter, warmth and you get to go home for xmas. Sounds like boarding school.

    What is the membership fee? I wonder if they accept bookings over the holiday period... need to get away from the relations...
  5. I can't believe I'm reading this, the cnut only got 3 years in the first place and should have been a lot more, But this is a fcuking disgraceful state of affairs, cops seem to be treated as if they're something really special but they're not, let's hope the publicity gets this fcuker a good kicking on his return to jail [ aka holiday camp] :x
  6. [Auto-rant] Oh for Fu*k's sake grow up! He made a mistake, killed someone and is now in prison with his career gone and life effectively ruined. He wasn't drunk at the wheel or driving recklessly just for the the hell of it, he made a bad decision and he is paying or it for the rest of his life and quite right too. There's no reason why we should feel sorry for him but this pathetic display of mindless second-hand outrage is pathetic, I can just about understand it from the family, they have good reason to feel aggrieved, but a more thoughtful approach from everyone else would be welcome. [/Auto-rant]

  7. You are right. I feel so guilty I might even let Maddie out the attic for Xmas
  8. no, nothing will get your daughter back, she's dead.
    you lost a daughter, the pc killed a young girl, not exactly easy to live with either, he lost his job and has been jailed aswell, he's punished enough (and so is his family)

    as for all you outraged knobjockeys, you could run somebody over any day of the week, see how you cry for a few days off with your family on christmas "haven't i suffered enough?"
  9. fit young girl he hit, mind. she would have deffo got it
  10. The Bloke made a mistake and has to live the rest of his life, living with it every day.
    It is the system that is at fault here, can anyone here say they would turn down 3 days with their family in the same situation? No didnt think so.
  11. He's not getting any different from any other prisoner, his former job makes no difference.
  12. I agree, he shouldn't have been let out and should serve his full sentence like everybody else, but he obviously like anybody else would jump at the chance of getting a few days out.

    This subject is a dodgy one, was he justified going at that speed? Then again, did the girl look before stepping out in the road? It's a kick in the teeth for all involved, simple as.

    Oh - DarkNinja, That comment was obviously a poor attempt at a joke and completely ridiculous, Maddie is still in my basement, not sure who you got in your attic? A Maddie Walt perhaps? :p
  13. We aren't likely to take it up to 90+ in a 30 though are we? Also this what at night... in a residential area. He didn't turn on his blues and twos either.

    The difference is he will live, she wont. And I doubt the loss of his job is in any way comparable to the loss of a child.

    Bore off, you chubb.
  14. I do feel sorry for both Families, but why would this woman who wishes that she had a certain family member around at christmas deny the same thing to a family who have individually done her no wrong (obviously I'm excluding the PC). Yeah the guy fucked up majorly, he has to live with that too, it's not like it's a mad serial rapist axe murderer they are letting home for a couple of days.