Even Dafter Question ( but Heli orientated)

So I wakes up from my post lunch time stretch out on mi lazyboy, sorry I'll say that again my Lazy-ee-boy, best 500 notes I ever forked out.
Well there's this Erickson Skycrane hauling mucking great cables up to a Monstrously High, TV or Radio Slim Tower, about 250 meters high.
Now it has Two standard issue puffter pilots up front and one in the rear, facing rear.
So chief pilot flys the load more or less up to the job site, then the stern chaser does the fiddly bit and places the 'Load' on the spot.
The Stern chaser seems to have a normal set of controls, a side stick, 'Cyclic' and I assume tho not visible a Collective.
Do these SC controls work in 'Natural' sense, Fwd movement a/c goes to Tail ?
Or do they follow the pilots controls and move cyclic to SC pilot to move Heli aft ?
Then and it was not explained in an emergency does the Chief Pilots Controls override the SC controls or is it, I Have Control ?
It works in the correct sense, ie push to the nose, the nose goes forward. I don't think there is a collective or pedals and the amount of authority is reduced from the front seat. SAR Sea Kings have a similar arrangement for the winchie.
Sloppy Link, the Seaking & the Skycrane where both Sikorsky products so what you say sounds right.
Besides lifting the Cable 'Stays' the Skycrane was shown lifting 3.5 ton sections of the 'Tower' and placing them on to the top of the already constructed sections of the tower.
Very fine adjustments of the Cyclic control was required and you could see the Third Pilot 'Stiring' his side stick in very fine movement to obtain the fine fit required. I can only assume that the main pilot retained control of the collective.
I have a photo which I took at Wallop back in 71, of a visiting Skycrane which came for Wallop Air Day.
However I cannot reproduce on the board as Photocopy is playing up.

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