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Even Cheekier bastards!


War Hero
I know we think the Yanks are cheeky bastards, but that is nothing compared to the French, quite apart from what we think about the French at the best of times.

Thier foreign minister said this in London, amongst other cheeky bastard things:

"More importantly, the UN must be at the heart of the reconstruction and administration of Iraq.

"The legitimacy of our action depends on it.

"We must come together to build peace together in a region rife with a sense of insecurity and deep fault lines."

He wants the UN, and presumably France, to be in on the Administration of Iraq? Must be trying to get consolation prizes for the $1 trillion loss of oil concessions the cheeky French bastards made with Saddam Hussein since 1991. But the best thing about this statement is when he says 'THE LEGITAMACY OF OUR ACTION' .............WHAT!!!!

WTF DOES THE CHEEKY BASTARD MEAN BY OUR ACTION as he was referring to France/UN!? :mad:
Just stand by for the big rush of Frog & Eric firms, all trying to get in on the reconstrucion contracts after this war is over.   Big George has apparently said he'll give them the 'bums rush' if they try.  Problem is though, that the Frogs have never been a shy race, apart from when they capitulated twice to the Erics.

F*ck Europe.......let's stick with the Yanks.  They've stuck by us and they're none to keen on Frogs either.


War Hero
I heard on Sky that our Yank "comrades" are blocking UK companies from the reconstruction plan (US Only).

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