EvE Online

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Trigo, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone around here play or tried this game out???

    EvE Online
  2. I tried a week trial version a while ago mate. Im an avid mmporg'er and while it was nice to look it, I found it very complicated with a huge learning curve. I suppose if you want to take the time to learn what the hell you're doing then Ive heard its a fantastic game but I got bored before I got anywhere away from the basics.
  3. Seconded.
  4. My best mate plays this game religiously to the point that he has lost jobs and girlfriends because of it.

    It looks like a tedious and dull game, played by tedious and dull people.
  5. Hell, that is one serious gamer!

  6. Aye, and you actually have to pay money to play this dull game. "Money" made during the game (currency called Isk) can actually be bought and sold for real money.
    It really is like watching pain dry.
  7. No doubt that knowledge was acquired slowly.......watching paint dry, perhaps, Wench? insert smilie.....

  8. Yes it is hard to begin with but once out of the newbie corps and into player ones it gets better been playing for near 3 years now. I find it a better game than WOW(have tried before last expansion) as i can learn skill when offline. Yes there is isk selling sites and ebay auctions liek that but ebay is shuting them down now also something like 300 odd macrominers where banned about a month ago.
  9. I played EVE for about 2 months. As stated the initial learning curve is steep, but the tutorial gives you a nice shot of the basics.

    In short, EVE is an extremely shallow game in comparison to a lot of other MMO's. Not much to do out there once you grasp the basics. Mine ore, "craft" wares or run missions for Agents and in the background you train your skill tree. PvP blows completely. Unless youre in a huge Corp (Guild) your chances of survival are slim to none. (Other MMO's provide newbie battle grounds for more casual players) Areas to just plain "pharm" with your buds are limited.

    Good points:

    1. The game designers took out the usual XP grind associated with your normal MMO. Your skill tree "trains" while you are offline too.

    Bad points"

    1. Travel times to get around can be extensive. Warping 20 gates to make a quick sell profit is the time sink for this game.

    2. No depth. No real prize at the end. Not that there is such a thing for a MMO.

    3. No newbie PvP zone to try out your newly acquired skills.

    4. Reliance on Corporations (Guilds) is killing the casual player.

    5. Drinking beer and shagging dirty skanks is a far better way to live your life anyway.

    Hope this answers your question.
  10. 1 - Warp to 0 has been put in saves on tarvel time some unless ur using autopilot.
    2 - Even the devs don't know where eve will end at this point.
    3 - In a way there is if ur in a player corp u can shoot each other to test set-ups or have mini comps.
    4 - i reliy on myself in EvE and got on got well.
    5 - I do that on the weekends
  11. Now I see what you mean.... :omg:

  12. I've always wanted to try Eve but never had a good enough computer or the time to get into it.

    Maybe in a few months, Im still happy with DoD and Tiberian Sun for now.
  13. You dont need a super PC to run Eve. As MMORGs go its up there with the best.

    The latest Revelations patch has added a lot more content with more to come with the upcoming move to faction war.

    Eves main problem is the learning curve, it is massive. If you stick with it and join up with a decent Corp you can get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  14. seconded - i've played it for over 2 years - haven't left it yet there's so much depth to it