Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jt9563, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering how many, if any, of you guys play EVE online?
  2. Ive played since beta. No other mmorg or game can match its depth.

    If you can get in the right corp or alliance it makes a huge difference. Mind you it has the learning curve of putting a 5 year old through nuclear physics masters degree.

    Currently its on the back burner while I travel the wastelands of Washington DC in Fallout 3.
  3. I was, but gave up, as 1/ im too thick to understand it properly and 2/ my computer gives up, must say graphics are excellent, but to indepth i fear. Reminds me though of the old elite game.
  4. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I played a long time ago....stopped about 2 years ago now, still have an account that i can re-activate i think.

    I stopped as the wife got annoyed at the amount of time i was spending on it. So I got WoW instead and got her addicted to that..;)

    EvE is a great game, very detailed and more strategic than most. the gank/camping squads are a bit annoying, but it was getting better just as I stopped..;)

  5. Ive been told by a couple of EVE fans that is review is very true. CLICKY
  6. Meh, The escapist is renowned for not liking MMORPGs and he only did a two week trial in which I would say you can experince about 0.0005% of the game.

    I tend to think of it more as a life simulator as the boundries of what you can do are limited only by other players. The key to enjoying EVE is to get in a good Corps and work together. I'd heard that a lot of the BOB Directors were British Military Officers.
  7. i played it for a while, got into a good corp and the leader was british and just listening to him in ventrilo talking about the politics of the game with different corps in different regions and the economics and militiary aspect of the game and how our corp was going to evolve with him (he was around since beta) made me buy the full version, but after a few weeks i became bored of the mining ops and didnt do much combat, but it was fun when our corp invaded 0,0 space we had about 20 ships all jumping into zones at same time and pirates where running away from us even tho we where in the worst ships possible.

    i didnt like the training system, sure it levels while your offline but some of the skills where taking me 50+ days to train
  8. Yeah, A lot of people find it hard to cope with. I personally like it as I don't have to grind and don't get left behind by the hadcore players.
  9. Its one of those games that looks like it should be great, especially since Ive never been to keen on the tolkein-esque orcs/goblins/elves/dwarves carry on, but is just a mare to get into.

    Tried the demo , but the learning curve was near vertical , and without anyone to really play with or explain bits to me I just got lost. Ive never managed to stick with an MMORPG for more than a few months at a time anyway. There is , however , a bioware MMORPG coming , STAR WARS!

    Bioware have made some of the best (IMO) RPGs about. This is thier first crack at an online one , but if they pull this off it should be stupidly good.

    i really should get out more :oops:
  10. Been playing it for for 3 years (with a couple of breaks). Great game and I have to agree with jt9563, I tend to get left behind in anything grinding related as I am a fairly casual player.

    I like the versatility of being able to do pretty much whatever you want, the only thing I hate is the retarded people that feel the need to gob off in some chat channels. Seems to be less of a problem recently that it was a while back though.
  11. If you fancy another crack at the whip(and it is worth it once you get the hang of it) give "Algia Knightstorm" a mail ingame and I'll help you out any way I can.
  12. Old one but still relevant!

  13. I used to Play it about 2 or 3 years ago. Absolutly brilliant game, but i spent upward of 8 hrs a day on it, so beware it is very addictive as you dont want o let other people down.

    Get used to going mining... if they still do it. It a fun way to make money.................. not.

    You will need to put a lot of time in to learn it and get the most of it.


  14. is there a monthly fee?