Eve is looking for .......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eve1962, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. her lurcher. He's done a runner. Has anyone seen him? If so, give him a slap round the ear and send him home.

    Also lost mobile. Anyone seen it? It's blue and little.
  2. Try down the side of the chaise longue that where mine end up with the help of BEER (mobile not lurcher )
  3. Yes ive got him... stroking his colon now... he's such a good boy. :D
  4. Wanna keep him? I can spend his food money on booze.

    PS: He doesn't have a colon. I had that removed a long time ago. Now I'm wondering what it is you're stroking. 8O
  5. Its dead

    I caught it and sawed its nose off.
  6. Can't be mine then. Cos my lurcher hasn't got a nose.
  7. Nope, can i set fire to it?
  8. Yeah... torch the stinking mut
  9. RTFQ


    Wow, that took me a while to catch up. Where I come from, a Lurcher is a euphemism for vagina (itself a euphemism for cnut). Couldnt work out how MDN cut the nose off one, why cait wanted to set fire to hers and where the little blue mobile fitted into it (!).

    What's the lurcher called? If it's made it this far across the country I'll fed-ex it back. failing that I'll put a collar on and pretend to be your dog if you want. I have a colon you can play with...
  10. Yep, then send him back. I love roasted lurcher ribs.
  11. You got him back then eve?
  12. Bad batch of 'White Lightening'.... 8O