Evaluating my chances to join the Indian Army to avoid poverty (any advice is appreciated)

Should I try to join the Indian Army? None of my other plans change unless I am selected

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  • No

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  • Try to get a job in the Police instead, the military is too strict with medical standards

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  • I don't know (If possible I'll explain with a reply from my perspective and experience)

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I think that I'll have to do that.

Someone who is in poor health comes to a British military themed site and asks about joining the Indian army or police is a few pence short of a shilling or it's a bored member of arrse trying a wind up.

Colour me cynical.

Static IP, not flagged as proxy server/network sharing and located in India with no match to an existing user-name so I'm going with the benefit of the doubt.
OP - what do you class as poverty?

For political point scoring in this country that means a free house, three holidays a year, a Playstation, big telly, Sky subscription, latest iPhone, freshly saloned nails and hair while their porky offspring claim free school meals etc...
Static IP, not flagged as proxy server/network sharing and located in India with no match to an existing user-name so I'm going with the benefit of the doubt.
Without the benefit of technical tools at my disposal I also it gave the benefit of the doubt, even though I did initially consider it to be a wind up.

I just think the Op is grasping at straws for a different answer to the one he (assumption) already knows.
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Static IP, not flagged as proxy server/network sharing and located in India with no match to an existing user-name so I'm going with the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks. Obviously my suspicious nature coming to the fore.


Are they open to accepting 60 year olds?

In fact is anyone open to accepting 60 year olds?

I’d give my foreskin to serve again.*

*Nope, I genuinely have already tried the Pedestrians, was even happy to convert, but no dice, too old. (I had even had a whole lesson planned with diagrams of balconies and photos of me dressed in black, but it made no difference).
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Ironically it was the poor health part that kind of makes me think hes genuine.
In other words , I was thinking if it was a wind up he wouldnt have put that in. But hey like I said I dunno, and for now benefit of the doubt and all that

For what it's worth, I thought so too and, if so, I wish him well.

I very much doubt that there's the Indian equivalent of Arrse to help him out and I'm not sure that some of the responses were our finest hour.

Apology for my comment about you being naive.

The post by Sixty confirms that you are correct.


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I agree. I don't know much about them but I didn't think that they went that low.

I think you'll find some Indians will go lower.

I am from India and I am a 20 year old prelaw student. I've wanted to work as a police officer since my childhood (I think I was 8 years old back then) and since then I've needed glasses and I was diagnosed with hypertension. The thing is, I don't want to give up without trying so I will try to join the Indian Police Service when I turn 21, thus eligible. The problem is, it seems I am clearly unfit for military service and I want to avoid poverty. Law school is of three years and I don't think my parents will support me until I get a job as a lawyer. Until my mid-20's. So the military naturally seems the best option for me but I've hypertension and my vision is bad in one eye. I think it is 20/400 (it's worse than 20/200) BUT it corrects to 20/20 I am not sure if I should try to join the Indian Army as a Commissioned Officer? I am sure my chances of getting a waiver are low.

The thing is, I want to avoid poverty and I am sure I am eligible for managerial jobs in the police because my vision corrects to 20/20 and I am sure if I lose weight, hypertension will not be a problem. I want to be a strong candidate for the police also. I was wondering if I should try to join the military or leave it as per international standards? I'll be grateful if anyone from the UK/West posts any advice. The Indian Armed Forces are particularly strict and much less lenient, here Indian Army does not allow myopia, hypermetropia (astigmatism included) to exceed +/- 4.0D. -6.0D after surgery; I am ineligible for LASIK and I am not sure about IOL, PRK, etc. Any advice is appreciated; thanks.

Edit: I want to add I am posting this here instead of an Indian forum, because I found out about this website via Duckduckgo, and I think there are no real community forums by Indian people for the Indian people. I am certain with minor differences, such as having nearsighted standards up to -6.0D diopter instead of -4.0D, military recruitment and training does not change much.

Also I'll be happy if I get to join the Army reserve (called Territorial Army here) BUT I will need to be employed by some other organization (other than the police and paramilitary) to be eligible to serve in the Army reserves. I am not sure how my BSc Zoology degree will help me find good employment. Any advice is appreciated from your perspective. What would you do in my place? Thank you.

Edit #3?: I am sure this is embarrassing to ask here, I've made grammatical and factual mistakes while writing this thread. Thank you anyway.

Edit #4: God, I really need to rest. I've written something similar to a word salad. Basically my parents don't support me as much as they can and cannot for long. They're old. I am not sure what to do, how can I get a job in the police. I am not sure if I can join the military and thus how an advantage over other candidates. Thank you.

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@SurgeonLawyer Just a thought, but if you are worried about meeting the health and fitness requirements, maybe there are civilian jobs in the Indian police service? I know that there are civilian jobs (administration etc.) in many European police services.

Either way, best of luck with your future career.