Evacuating Brits from Beirut - those who wont go ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. It's good to see the old Navy lifting Brits out of Beirut and the RAF doing casevac for more urgent medical cases - job well done to all. I remember that some of those muppets that ignored FCO advice back in 1982 decided to stay on for the ££££. Notably John McCarthy, Jackie Mann & Brian Keenan. I have nil sympathy for idoits who ignore advice to get out of a hotspot and then complain afterwards. What does give me a mild sense of humour failure is that all of these expats who remain are not paying tax. If it was up to me I would of made McCarthy, Mann & Keenan pay for the cost of the of the Beirut - Akrotiri - UK trip they got free at taxpayers expense. Personally I don't trust the Israeli government and also hate Hezbollah but we will not solve the problem in our lifetime. I feel that Israel is led by the US who makes shed loads of money selling them kit that secures defence related jobs in the US @ Lockheed, Raytheon and others who supply kit to Israel. Hopefully we will get the Brits out safely and that munter bLIAR and his cronies will again realise the importantance that we play at the sharp end. Increase the defence budget, buy better kit and reward our folk with double digit payrises next year. But back to original post, what do you think of folk whop don't listen to the Foreign Office / State Department of their own country and elect to remain in a hotspot ?
  2. Couldn't agree more 58p! I think we have a duty to evacuate those British nationals who want to leave, including those ex-pats who have chosen to make Lebanon their home, they're British after all, and although they don't pay tax, something in me (dunno what) tells me that they're still entitled to our protection.
    As for those who refuse the offer of a free ticket out at HMG's expense, they need to be made to understand that it's not an open ticket, and that our responsibility to their safety ceases if they decide to stay in harm's way, after having had the chance to get out and decided not to take it.

    There's my 2 pence worth!
  3. For those of you who didn't realise (and I was one), all these expat idiots who haven't paid British tax for years and are now screaming about the FCO being rubbish etc and how they need to be evacuated immediately because they're so important and BTW they want first class seats on the emergency RAF C-130 Herc flight out (happened during another recent evac). When they register to be taken out, and before they are allowed anywhere near the transport, they have to surrender their passports and sign a contract, agreeing to pay between £1500 and £2000 each to cover the costs!
  4. Being an ex-pat idiot and quite happy about it. I dont pay tax to HMG and quite happy about that aswell, but I do pay tax to this government and Ill be fecked if Im coughing up twice. Yet Im still as British now as as I was living under HMGs rules. So, in the very, very unlikely event of hostilities breaking out between Norway and Sweden I would expect some of you brave lads and and lasses to risk all and come and get me and my little family. Regardless of whether I pay Tax to HMG is fecking irrelevant.
    Asking for a 1st class seat on a C130 is kind of kicking the arrse out of it though.

  5. IN BOLD - Proper order and a fair deal

    UNDERLINED - I think we all know where they should go
  6. SK,

    I don't have a problem with Brits being expat, but it does annoy me when they attack the FCO after they choose to live somewhere dangerous like Beirut or Yemen (the other evac I mentioned) and it goes to rat poo. The FO are working bloody hard to ensure their safety and this behaviour doesn't make life better for anyone.

    As for paying, every government charges to evac people, whether you pay them tax or not but tourists usually have it covered in their travel insurance. In the event of those hostilities, yes, the forces would be sent out to evac British citizens and you would be charged for it. If you choose not to pay, you won't be evacuated, it's (quite rightly, IMHO) that simple.

    Think of it another way, if you are paying tax to one of the governments involved in the hostilities, you have helped to create and continue the problem by helping to fund their military. Why should another government and group of tax payers be landed with the bill to save you, or indeed why should those brave lads and lasses risk their lives?
  7. SKJOLD - OK your an expat idiot. When the push comes to the shove I suggest that you ask the Govt who you do pay your taxes to organise a Cab/Herc/Warship to get you to safety. Of course as you can't be fecked to pay HMG so I suggest that you pay by private means. I think that is good that expats pay to get out. I confess that I did not know they had too. I too have been an expat in the Middle East and enjoyed the trappings of that way of life. Morally I would not have a problem and be entirely happy to contribute to me and my families safe passage to a safer environment.
  8. No matter how many times we tell 'em that they are on their own and then leave 'em to it, in the end we'll STILL go and get 'em when the sh!t hits the fan - I think deep down they know that and use it to cling on to the very last in the hope it'll all go away. It would be nice to call the bluff of some of 'em and see what happens.

    Thing that amazes me the most is the lack of gratitude shown by some of 'em when they do get pulled out, now THAT really gets my goat................
  9. If they don't want to leave - or pay to do so - then feck 'em. You made your bed.........
  10. On GRANBY we had four Irish nurses (gorgeous as well) who pitched up at our location looking for a ride out on January 18th ... :)

    Soon set 'em to work (joking).
  11. Did you get their phone numbers? :)
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    We charge between 1500 and 2000 per person? How much does it cost then per person given the cost of equipment, fuel etc?

    I personally feel that if they pay tax to HMG they should be evacuated no questions asked, i dont think tourists should pay even if covered by insurance. If a paying member of UK society they are entitled to the protection of HM forces.

    Tax refugees tho, pay through the nose....
  13. With respect to all you expat idiots out there ( ;) ). Being an expat in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Austrailia or New Zealand to name but a few is not really a problem. However those who choose to live in Lebanon, Yeman or any other sh1thole similar, have they really got room to slate the FCO? No, they were fcuking barking to go to these places in the first place. The lads at the FCO and of course the andy, are moving as fast as possible to move these retards from harms way, so they can shut the fcuk up and wait for whatever travel arrangements are laid on.... and pay for the priveledge. It will be nothing compared to the cost bourne by the UK or any poor bloke who gets killed rescueing these muppets.
  14. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Having played expat on exercise in order to be rescued by our brave boys, there is a system to confirm those who wish to stay and those who wish to leave.

    After the fistfight in Copehill Down ended (rescuing troops had not been briefed on expats in village and were rather alarmed to see stroppy civvies running up to them waving passports - long story), we were very quickly informed by the CSM as to our two options:

    1. Those who want to be rescued get over there and do as you're f%^*ing well told.

    2. Those who want to stay behind and risk a fate worse than a fate worse than death, come here, tell me that you want to stay and sign these release form. Once you've signed the form, you can't blame us if you stay here and get chopped into small pieces.

    This was delivered with such force and style that a couple of lads who had been briefed to "kick up a fuss and demand to stay" decided not to risk the CSM's fate and 'got over there' with the rest of us! The choice was made very clear and the form easy to understand and easy to sign!

    During the wait for the helicopter, the usual stories being swapped including the one about "that t^*t who didn't want to leave". Several of the exercising troops had helped evacuate expats from a certain country, all of whom wanted to leave given the state the country was in - with the exception of one bloke who was adamant that he and his family were staying. Six visits from HM forces over the next 36hrs persuaded him to allow his wife and kids to leave followed by one visit from the bad guys which persuaded him to do an excellent time for the BFT to the UK site, arriving wild-eyed and pouring sweat, demanding a seat on the next plane out.

    Cue much laughter from lads as they led him to be processed.

    Short version - expats are given two choices on a NEO - stay or go. If you're staying, please sign here to say it's your fault if it goes wrong for you on a very personal level.
  15. Is there such a thing?