Euthanasia – Right or Wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ScouseD, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Only two things in life are guaranteed: Death and walts. Should you be able to end your own life and if so under what circumstances? Should someone be able to make the decision for you? Should insurance policies pay out to the next of kin?

    In short, should assisted suicide be made available in the UK?
  2. It's a matter of dignity, funny how #1 Human right - The right to life. Surely that should mean the right to choose when to end it in a dignified way.
  3. Ali G raised a good point, what's it got to do with the youths in Asia?
  4. Yes people should be able to choose. It's ok for these people who say that medical care has advanced, they don't have to live with the condition or the pain. Why is this the only decision where other people have a say in what you can or can't do
  5. I know if I was severely injured/disabled I'd like the right to choose, but I don't think other people ought be allowed to choose for you unless you'd made it know beforehand.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If I get to the stage where I have no quality of life, then I should be allowed to end that life. If it has been allowed to continue until I am ga-ga (well more so than now :) ) then my NOK should have the right to give permission to allow me to end my life.

    It is ironic that the people most against this are the God botherers, and yet I would be going to meet the very person they worship. Mind you I will only be seeing Him to put in my plea of mitigation for not being taken on strength 1st Hell Div.
  7. Perhaps one solution is a “living will” in which you nominate someone, with legal safeguards, to make the decision for you if you aren’t able to.

    No system will ever be perfect, but I’d opt for this rather than the alternative.
  8. We put down animals who are in pain if they won't recover. Why? Because it's humane. How come you are allowed to be humane to an animal, but not to a human.

    Oddly enough, I was considering this today after watching Solyent Green on TV. Euthanasia Clinics where you go in peace (but let's forget about turning people into food. That's just a little too icky...)
  9. Terry Pratchett's Dimbleby Lecture on this subject is still available on YouTube I believe. He makes a very good case for one being allowed to "inhume" oneself, with a proper legal framework including a sort of "pre-coroner" and I suspect he's had more cause to think about it than most.
  10. I would advise not to put Harold Shipman on your list of nominees, I know he's not around but my point is not to nominate someone who kills for fun!
  11. In your case, right. Anyone who frames a question "Euthanasia right or wrong?" with the options "Yes or No" needs a lethal injection of something. Yes it's right or wrong or no it's right or wrong - what the ****!!!

    2/10 see me after school.
  12. With a very strict set of rules euthanasia should be legal although it can never be 'right'...

    This will sound selfish but think of your children. One of them is in agony with a terrible disease. Will you let them go this way or will you want to hang on just in case a cure is suddenly found? And who has the right to decide?

    It's tough.
  13. I think the intent was pretty obvious and straightforward, but just to be clear “yes” to legalised euthanasia or “no” to legalised euthanasia.

    2/10’s a start and I realise that my grammar needs work, almost as much as questions need question marks instead of exclamations, but what’s this about an “injection” and seeing you after school? I’d rather die, given the choice.

    Edited to add: Look, I’m not averse to a little company at times, but it doesn’t mean anything. Wednesday afternoon is good for me. Bring your cane.
  14. personally, if I am in a condition where there is no chance of recovery and the only other option is to be a dribbling wreck (other than a Friday night) and no quality of life then I would want to be put to sleep.

    After all if you kept animals in some states that we keep some people with terminal diseases or severe handicaps then you would be jailed for cruelty, so why does this compassion not spread to our own species.
  15. In the case of Geordie Gardiner it's preferable!