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Eurovision's Bum Note



It was a bad song, badly sung, out of tune and we probably suffered to biased scoring ... but we all know what country's music is played all the time across all European radio stations!!
Vanessa Paradis.  She is a babe indeed! Married to an oxygen thief but it happens.  The scouse bird was a babe as well, I've heard her sing before, rather well as it happens but she did screw up last night. Shame!

Getting back to Vanessa, top totty indeedy
Posted by: Toptotty Posted on: May 25th, 2003, 9:52am For what it's worth the two talentless scousers, who aren't even pub singer quality, were crap and they know it.  Politics I disagree, they were just nutse and out of tune.

<Many deep sighs>

1. The Germans should have given them dix points straight away, out of guilt for bombing their chip shops.

2. I LOVE pub-singing.  Quality enter...taiiiiiinment....ah

3. Eurovision is fcuk all to do with songs anyway, it's all about politics and which bird's piccy you use to cover your wife's nul points with...
Jamsponge, it's not a piccy that you need to cover your wife with's a f*cking tent!  
what do you mean sign the register, you've been a permanent fixture on that document since 1992 ;D

Over rated and looks like sticky the stick insect, not for me thankyou


im suprised how by how many sang in english since the rules has been changed so that they don't have to sing in their own national language , have they no pride in their own language ? ???

for the record Venessa paradis was 15 at the time she released "joe le taxi" shagging at 15 is legal in france so different culture different ways , ireland is 17 so you think we are conservative lot ! lol  ;)

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