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Eurovision's Bum Note


What a truely awful program it was. I was forced to watch by the long haired general who went as far as buying wine and snacks for the event. I was asleep shortly after the strange Austrian done his set - one of the worst for years. The only redeeming feature of the entire thing is Terry Wogans commentary, which is always a laugh.
Guess we arn't the most popular peeps at the moment. The brit song was shite but then so were all the rest. Only country with nil points.... coincidence? Yeah right!
Are we really that bothered by the opinions of countries who produce acts such as 'Nena' (she of 99 red Ballons & hairy armpits), that little frog slapper (can't remember her name but she sang that 'Joe le Taxi? sh*t), the Gypsy Kings (bunch of fat guitar playing Spaniards)?, the two commie lezzers dressed up as schoolies (OK, I can live with that one for a long time ;))   Oh come on, just have a look at the charts for each of these 'European' countries..........dominated by Brit bands....... whilst their home grown tosh only gets played on their respective versions of Radio 2!! (and in 'Out of Bounds' German bars)

Besides,all of those countries have more in common with each other, than they have with us............they've either been liberated by us, invaded by us, defeated by us or bailed out by us!!  


'Nul points' in the Eurovision Song Contest?  My chest swells and I'm proud to be British.  I become depressed when we do well in what has to be one of the most appalling televised events of the year.  I'd rather watch the shagging Oscars for God's sake!
All or nothing! And they got nothing. Marvellous.


I agree with the post, Terry Wogan's commentary was spot on and worth enduring 6 hours of arsse European back slapping! If only the other country's commentators could have heard him!

Some of the retro 70's stuff was excellent, like a living museum!


Let's be positive about the whole thing, they had a terrible song - couldn't sing on the night and so saved us - the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds, as we will not have to host it next year...
Ma-sonic, come on Nena was gorgeous (if like me you were 14 and stuck in a nearly all boys boarding school in the middle of f--king nowhere) and that bird in Joe Le taxi? Vanessa what sit? come on be a man......

But I notice they all sang in our languague so whose cultural superioity is on show there?

Molest me not with these Abba wannerbe's.

(Mind you it might have helped if Jeminie had been able to sing in key)

Yeah well alright, maybe the frog...........but I wouldn't have shagged the German.................too hairy for me, must have had a box like an Axminster rug ;D
If all the petty Euro gimps can do is defy us the Eurovision song contest then I hardly think they pose any threat.

I'm up for next years entry, any backers?

Ill begin writing now. ;D
I absolutly detest the Euro son contest but for some very sad reason I still manage to sit down and watch it most years.  What a load of arrse!



Who was giving this goddess a slagging? The video for je le taxi got me through puberty!!!



For all of the above reasons the Eurosong comp is still well worth it every year!  I laugh my ass off at Sir Terry's observations and the pathetic point scoring of every other nation, who gives a flying rats ass, it's still good television and should be seen as such.

For what it's worth the two talentless scousers, who aren't even pub singer quality, were crap and they know it.  Politics my ass, they were just shite and out of tune.

They were sh*te weren't they?  I only saw the highlights today, f*ck me the Chuckle Brothers could have done better.   I can't see why anyone whinged about them being last, they were talentless gits, he was a right a**se and her singing was as flat as Jamspanglers wifes chest (which is so flat it has double yellow lines along it).  They didn't deserve any points.  Mind you, as Scousers, they probably went through the changing rooms like a dose of Andrews Liver Salts, so the night wasn't a complete waste of time for them ;D

OK 8esar, point taken, but I did retract earlier.............still wouldn't do the 'furry' boxhead though mate!

Who was giving this goddess a slagging? The video for je le taxi got me through puberty!!!


Can you remember the TOTPs appereance by Venessa for 'Joe le taxi'?  I was in Germany at the time, and feeeking hell, I can remember this young lady, minus a bra, pointy nips and all, plus a suggestive dance!  The NAAFI bar 'buzzed' for a week after about this young French girl and her 'pointy nips'!!
Soory gents I don't rate her, and the pics Soldier why posted looks like she has just climbed the fence at Krakow ;D

Short Finals NAAFI bar for this thread



What your looking at in Soldier Why's links is the Holywood version of her. In the late 80's, dressed in Fu&k me boots the girl was a godess, now shes in a "low carb, gotta be thin, married to a star" situation.

But agree with you, shes french, so send her to the "what amimals shall we kill" thread in the NAAFI Bar!



For what it's worth the two talentless scousers, who aren't even pub singer quality, were crap and they know it.  Politics my ass, they were just shite and out of tune.

Got to have a point here.  If it was down to politics then surely we would have had at least uno point from Spain, after all they went to war with us didn't they?

Shite scousers - no points.

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