Eurovision Totty Contest 2009

And The Winner Is?

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Eurovision: cheesey, corny Eurotrash with boobs (and a few loonies).

Seeing as others (might) not have done this, may as well stick it in these boards. It looks to be something of a totty fest this year.

Jade's in it tonight, 21 yrs old and a proper stunner she is too. Even one of the favourites, which makes a change for UK.

Some of the contestants are here allegedly:

Those of you with strange hang-ups might like to stock up from the Offie and the Chemist 8O We wouldn't , er, dream of perving of course :oops:



Kit Reviewer
Iceland or Spain for me... although there's definitely something about the bird from Azerbaijan.
Well according to the Daily Fascist, Deeta Von Teese is going to be on stage with ze chermanns. Hopefully with her spangly swastika nipple covers contrarotating, whilst goose-stepping up and down on the Russian presenter's groin and whistling the Horst Wessel.

Nurse! the screens!
Fucking sweet Jesus, what did Russia send up!!!! Land of sexy mail order brides and this shouting minger is on!
Estonia looks like she'd get it.
Why the fuck can't they all sing in English?
It is the international language after all.
Who in France is going to vote for some stupid bint singing in Croatian, For fucks sake.

Ha ha ha. The dumb fuck from Denmark singing like Ronan Keating (Boyzone), whilst looking like he's from Dexys Midnight Runners.
Reaching new heights of blandness tonight... thought black teeth by the Russian not a good look.
trickywoo said:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a nickname for James Bond wasn't it?
In Japan apparently.
But what his trousers are a nickname for.
I have no idea, other than gayer.
Dita is on though.
Woof, woof.

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