Eurovision song mongs?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Steven, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Ive pulled her!
  2. They look better than our tw@t.
  3. Hang On.... Since when were Hearsay Finnish? ( I thought they were finished.........................getting coat)
  4. Let's rock!!!!
  5. Dont you mean "Letsh rock wiz zees crayshe guysh"
  6. They aren't Dutch you fcuking bellwhiff. They are very obviously Finnish.
  7. Lordi are great! Well...I wouldn't buy their music and its hardly Chuck Schuldiner, but they're FAR superior to anything else Eurovision has to offer. Hats off to Lordi and the Finns for picking them.

    A selection of titles:
    The Devil Is A Loser (And He's My Bitch)
    Bringing The Balls Back To Rock
    Blood Red Sandman

    A quick search on will bring up the videos if anyone's interested.

    EDIT: Here's a link to a decent version of the music video for the song they'll be performing. Substantially better than most Eurovision entries, it features an army of zombie cheerleaders, mass murder in a high-school and of course, lots of explosions. Excellent.

    The song itself still isn't much cop but full marks for effort.
  8. At least they're not some twat singing about school with ten old tarts dressed as schoolgirls behind him. Probably has alot of fun "rehearsing" though.
  9. The thing is, we are all making the assumption that they are wearing masks and make-up..
  10. Soooo sorry I didn't put the "generic foregin accent" tag in :roll:
  11. Careful lads, we've got a thinker here.
  12. Aaargh, kill it!!
  13. werent they the cantina band in star wars ?????
  14. funny how youre disguising your bondage party pictures and claiming them to be some finnish band, suprising nobodies twigged on yet..