Eurovision Song do-dah in problems

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Can't post a linky but google it and yee shall find it.

But according to Sats Guardian, countries are dropping out of the next Eurovision Song Contest like dead flys, on account of the 10bob or so that it will cost them to take part.

Aside from the grief that this is going to cause millions of Arrsers and Tel Wogan, any reminisces on past Eurovision talents (sic)

Mine was the two birds out of Abba, whom I believe we're responsible for my first wet dream, that is if it wasn't Joanna Turners, flash of her budding breasts, whilst getting changed at the local swimming pool one hot and sweaty Saturday (the same Saturday as I recall). Whilst later I did get to play many times with Joanna's luscious body (and weren't those German condoms crap, cheap but crap), I never did get anywhere so much as a knicker sniff of either of the Abba goddesses.

So do tell what we're your best Euro-Trashy moments, and given that Jedward look likely to represent Eire for the 3rd time on the clap, do we care?
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